3 Things That Will Mostly Guarantee Your Online Success in Nigeria

Online Business in Nigeria
Make money online in Nigeria

Do you operate online in Nigeria? Then count yourself lucky for arriving at this Post.

Here I share with you Top 3 Things you will be needing if you really want to make money online or succeed doing Online Business Nigeria from Nigeria.

Just before then, take a look at what Online Business really is and some few strategies for success.

What is Online Business?

Ever heard of Offline business? The opposite is called Online Business and if you happen to be among those smart ass guys who own one business or the other online then you’ve taken the first step.

One thing is starting a business online and another is actually succeeding at it, so you need some basic things known as tools or resources to mostly guarantee your success.

So basically am going to Share 3 Things with you that will help in boosting your ability to make money online.

You need these things in the long run either for carrying out a specific task or the other or for getting your payments and lots more.

So what are these must have resources and or tools?

1. Laptop

You know I was gonna mention this for sure!
Yes this is because it’s the No.1 thing you need to have for online success.

I understand there are lot of smartphones everywhere that enable you do a few stuffs but you mostly need a laptop to make things easier and fast.

Moreover, there are damn many things you can’t do with your Android Smartphone including things like:

Completing a Freelance work i.e. If you’re a writer, graphics designer, etc on freelance market places like Fiverr, Upwork and lots others

Desktop Apps: There are apps you will need in your day to day MMO activities which are mostly desktops. This requires your Laptop

So your Laptop is #1 thing to boost your online success in Nigeria.

You can get cheap used laptops starting from N25,000 to N50,000+ on Jiji and Jumia marketplace.

So just save and get yourself one Laptop.

2. Internet Connection Tools

These include stuffs like Modems, Subscription thingy and many more.

They enable you browse super fast without delays in submitting projects and the likes.

Internet Connection Tools include:

I struggly recommend you buy or get a modem, but if you can’t you can use your Android Hotspot at the moment till you get a modem.

3. Payment Tools

Don’t you want to get paid online in Nigeria?

Now I list some must have tools to receive your payments.

Local Bank Account: You cant tell me you want to receive payments when you don’t have a bank account setup. So setup one because it’s the last place where you withdraw your earnings

PayPal Account for receiving payments in Nigeria: If you work for foreign companies, probably platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Seoclerks etc… then you need a paypal account to receive your earnings…It’s the most needed stuff for your online success, see this post on PayPal Nigeria 2018 to help you setup your own paypal that sends and receive payments in Nigeria.

You can also receive payment from clients abroad using payoneer. While PayPal has some restrictions for Nigerias, you can use Payoneer without any restrictions once you completely verify you account. You can also make money using Payoneer referral program, it’s one of the best ways to make money without doing any work.

I hope you understand and will make good use of the post? Share with friends on social media.

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  1. Thanks, I have at least one each of the three stated and I just started my online forum this month, with this post it means I will be successful,lol.

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