5 Amazing Stuff You Probably Don’t Know an OTG Cable Can do

5 Amazing Stuff You Probably Don't Know an OTG Cable Can do
USB OTG cable is a crucial tool to creates a link among your cellular phone and different PC peripherals which may include USB flash drive, mouse, keyboard, virtual camera, recreation pad, card reader, external hard-drive etc.
OTG cable which mean on-the-go cable, enables mobile devices to become a host while other devices connected becomes a peripheral (clients) just like PC – peripheral network.  A lot of people have by no means heard of what an OTG cable can do. So, let’s find out what it is and why it is so great.

below are the 5 interesting things your smartphone can do with the USB OTG cable around.

1. Charge other devices

5 Amazing Stuff You Probably Don't Know an OTG Cable can do
If your device is having a substantial amount of battery capacity, you  can actually charge some of your other devices, that way you never  run out of battery on both devices.
For giving power to another device via your smartphone, all you need is a regular data/charger cable that you use to connect your phone to your PC, a USB OTG host cable, and a smartphone which supports OTG.
  1. first of all connect OTG to USB cable.
  2. Now, you’ll have 2 sided charging cable.
  3. Connect the cable to the phone which has charge, then connect other side of the cable to the phone that you want to charge. You will notice that your device is receiving charge from its host.

2. File transfer between android devices

5 Amazing Stuff You Probably Don't Know an OTG Cable can do 
Also, OTG cable allows to share files and documents easily (no need for Bluetooth, infrared, xender etc.). Sharing of files and documents on mobile devices has evoluted within the years. From infrared, got better with different versions of bluetooth, and even lately the use of third party apps like Xender, share it etc.(through WiFi/hotspot connection) while using a media transfer option with the PC is still a good idea. But did you know an OTG will do the task faster and easier?

  1. Simply by plugging in the destination device first and the other just in that order. 
  2. Enable debugging options on the source phone and that’s all you need. 
  3. Now, go into any section where files are kept (still on the host phone), ‘gallery’ for instance,select files you want and simply click import. Fast and easy.

3. Modem to Android connection

5 Amazing Stuff You Probably Don't Know an OTG Cable can do 
Not everyone gets a free WiFi to  connect to and since OTG provided a platform for  peripherals, you can now pick up you dumped  modem and use on your tab. Or are you having bugs affecting your mobile Internet, or WiFi network activation and or do you have an old tab which is not a 3G enabled device. An OTG cable will come very handy for persons like this. This can be Archieved with the use of an android app known as PPP widget.

4 Connect USB Flash drives

5 Amazing Stuff You Probably Don't Know an OTG Cable can do 
Flash drives are not only meant for the PCs anymore. You can move files and documents from phone to a flash drive. Now, while document is in the drive, you could use it as a back up storage or you could even give the flash drive to a colleague or friend to execute the files at home.

5.Computer major peripherals like mouse, keyboard, printers, game pads e.t.c

5 Amazing Stuff You Probably Don't Know an OTG Cable can do 

A smartphone has got all it takes to accommodate and allow so many computer peripherals functionality. Type a document super fast with an external keyboard, make selections with a computer mouse, play your android games with a console like experience. An OTG cable simply makes a mobile a smart-PC.

5 Amazing Stuff You Probably Don't Know an OTG Cable can do
There are times you may need to carry your laptop along because of the requirements for specific programs, but even the lightest laptop have their shortcomings when it comes to mobility. In many circumstances, you can easily perform business and other tasks on a smart phone or tablet, you just need to bring along your OTG Y-cable and desired peripherals. This greatly reduces the weight you have to carry around, usually without giving up any functionality.
5 Amazing Stuff You Probably Don't Know an OTG Cable can do
The fact that you can’t charge your device when its USB port is otherwise occupied still limits the duration that you can work before you have to plug your charger into the device. And devices that are high in power consumption like a hard disk won’t be recommended to be connected to the phone for too long. But now there is hope, as the USB Power Delivery (PD) v2.0 specification allows charging over the USB cable while other devices are being used. Practically, this implies that you could charge your device through an appropriately designed powered USB hub, but the number of hubs that support this part of the specification are currently very limited.
Note: An OTG is available online and on retail stores and your device also needs to support OTG connections to get all this working. You can also utilize discount codes at VoucherBin to buy various OTG, USB cables and adapters as per your requirement to save more. Although almost all new android devices supports OTG.
Getting a hub is also great as you can connect 3 or more peripherals on a hub at once.

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