5 Tips For Beginners To Succeed In MMO Games

MMO (massively multiplayer online) is a video game genre in which a large number of players cooperate and compete with each other, to achieve a certain goal.

These players are usually numbered in hundreds (even thousands in some cases).

This huge number of players makes MMO and MMORPG (a sub-genre of MMO which incorporates some role-playing features) games a great treat for casual as well as hardcore gamers.
Some other cool features of these games are low-end PC requirements, largely free-to-play nature, character customization, large open-world environment, and social interaction etc.

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But before you dive into playing these games, there’s a catch though.

MMO games aren’t as easy for beginners as some other games are, and there is a steep learning curve in mastering the skills required to succeed in these types of games.

That’s why here I’ll tell you 5 simple tips to master any MMO game. These tips are generic and don’t apply to any specific game out there.

So let’s start without any further ado.

1. Pick Your Game Correctly

There are a lot of good MMO games in the market including World of Warcraft, EverQuest, and Final Fantasy XIV etc.

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Therefore, it’s good to read about each game and its story – rather than only going by their ratings. There can be some cases where you purchase a highly rated MMO game only to realize that its gameplay doesn’t suit you.

You better avoid those situations by researching those games.

2. Know What The Game Is All About

Once you’ve selected an MMO game, go online and read as much about it as possible.

Although knowing the basics is important in any type of game you play, it’s even more important in MMOs. So take your time, and research about the game’s culture before actually playing it.

MMO games are known for a large number of weapons, different characters, and different tactics involving both of them. Also learning about the gameplay in advance will help you.

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In most games we play, we make ourselves familiar with the controls as we progress, but that’s not the case here. In MMOs, there are so many key combinations that knowing them in advance (and remembering them throughout the game) becomes critical to your success.

3. Go According To Level System

MMORPGs usually feature some kind of level system, where you gain points by progressing in the game, and as you progress, your level will go up and you will also earn in-game currency. This currency, in turn, will help you getting new weapons and customizing your character.

Now a question may come into your mind: How to get points quickly.

Well, it actually depends on the game you’re playing. Many role-playing MMO games features a player vs player mode, as well as multiplayer mode. So in these games, the best way for you is to kill as many other players as possible (as quickly as possible).

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Also, some of these games feature a training mode too, where you can test your weapons and combos, you may earn some points by training regularly. Use these areas to hone your skills because practice in MMO games is even more critical than what it is in other gaming genres.

4. Don’t Really Worry About Your Accessories

This point is a bit controversial about the gaming community. Yes, there are many keyboards and mice made specifically for MMOs, and they do help you to a certain extent. But unless you’re a pro and play competitive matches with other hardcore gamers, you don’t need these accessories at all.

These accessories aren’t made for beginners and only help you gain a little advantage once you’ve mastered all the basic skills required to succeed in a particular MMO game.

5. Communicate with Community

Even with all the skills and practice at your end, MMO games can feel a bit difficult, especially in the beginning. This where the community comes in.

MMO community is filled with generous people who may help you out, do positive criticism, or even let you be a part of their team after some time.

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All these things make playing MMOs a lot funnier than they should be in the first place.

So, talk to other people and make friends.


Practice is the key to succeeding in any game, and the same holds true for any MMO game. If you research properly, play these games regularly along with communicating with other gamers, you’re bound to get better, sooner or later.

This is a guest post by Keith Adams. He is a writer at GadgetsEnthusiast

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