5 Web Design Trends that are Changing Marketing Perspective

There are a lot of significant events that happened this year. The digital exposure of brands and growing competition has made a huge impact on Web Design Services and web development conventions. In this article, we will discuss the 5 major web design trends that are changing marketing perspectives. Brands are now switching towards better marketing approaches with the help of online appearances. Let’s begin with other than traditional ways of marketing via online web appearance.

In our previous article, we talked about the best practices to make your checkout design interesting for your e-commerce website. “In today’s world, a website is undeniably essential in order to succeed in most industries. The competition and nature of the corporate world make it crucial for any business to enhance its presence on a global basis. In this regard, website design is one of the most important things that you need to consider if you want to develop a website” webcompare. Below are the five web design trends that are changing marketing perspective:

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1. Card Based Layout

As space X successfully launched Dragon Capsule, Apple released iPad and Ethan Marcotte began with creating a responsive web design. Here comes Intercoms predicting card-based design to be the future of web and mandatory trait for Essential Productivity Apps for Web Designers in 2018. It is because it is offering a better opportunity to showcase the bulk amount of copies or images in a well-organized manner and enhance readability.

2. Scrolling Long Pages

One page website has remained the one best design approach till now. Above the fold, design principles by most of the marketers previously clung to believe that if any visitor couldn’t able to see the CTA button, they won’t engage any further with you or purchase in any sense.

This principle is quite dead short. The pages containing all important information just above the fold are no longer to be considered the norm for higher conversion rates. Today trend has changed and web user expects to scroll in order to check the product of services credibility. They crave more information. Scrolling allows visitors a kind of visual tour and provides you complete answers to all questions that may click in their minds while making an action.

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A webpage or the landing page requires the user to scroll so that the user can get a more detailed story. A sticky scrolling menu also improves the complete navigational experience for the visitors. A sticky scrolling menu makes navigation possible and easy for the user within the website.

3. Dramatic typography

This is one best things you will experience in web designing tutorials. This gives greater access to screen resolution actually fasten the internet speed and a complete array of creative fonts. Google Fonts and Adobe Typekit make dramatic typography on the web and landing pages a quiet natural transition. Dramatic typography also allows one to establish the brand identity and gives an opportunity to present the content in a more identified form.

4. Micro Interactions

Micro-interactions occur in between the large interactions and also enhance the mobile page experience for all visitors in order to let them know about a certain set of actions they have already performed. It has a specific sound, once the action is performed and different popping up sounds once repeated the similar action. In the web design trends, Micro-actions also help to understand the user needs and work with non-standard layouts with split screens. In near future, you will see it on web design and development blogs.  It is a card-based layout that encourages visitors to click on an action.

The other way one can use micro-interaction on their respective mobile platforms is by giving an animated tutorial on how to produce words. It is having navigational dots at the bottom in order to show visitors the stage they are currently viewing.

5. Colour blocking

It involves using different colours scheme in order to create a mosaic. One can use colour blocking on the content or on heavy web pages to break up all elements and give them room in order to breath. This is exactly what a Wrist Homepage actually does.

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Website design is an important factor to consider when setting up a new business or already existing business. The above web design trends are changing marketing perspectives and each feature has its unique abilities. There are a number of web design company out there that offers a good web design service and you’ll get an awesome value for your money.

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