Airtel Slices It N25 For 500MB Night Plan, Download Bundle is Now an Option

If you’re an Airtel subscriber on the Airtel Trybe tariff, I guess you want to start using the Airtel download bundle which was introduced December last year as Airtel has now axed down it night plan data bundle. The Airtel Trybe night plan which used to give 1.5GB for N50 and 500MB for N25 seems to be coming to the end of days.

We all know the 1.5GB has been disconnected for a long time leaving trybe subscribers with the 500MB for N25 night plan option. Taking down the 1.5GB night plan option wasn’t cool but subscribers still had the 500MB plan to use which was still reasonable to some extent and now Airtel has decided to cut down the 500MB night plan data to 250MB, not a great move at all.

Airtel trybe night plan
Airtel trybe night plan

Night data plan has proven to be a life saver for many Nigerians, and seeing it disappear will leave subscribers searching for a better alternatives to download as the monthly data plans aren’t so great.

Luckily for you guys, 9mobile also offers night data plan for those that doesn’t know, you get 1GB of data for N200 and you also have the Airtel Download bundle. MTN night plan on the other hand is a no go area, it 250MB for N25 night plan has been increased to N50 for sometime now and it seems it going to remain like that until the company eventually put an end to it.

And Glo? no, lets move on

It may surprise you that 9mobile still has the most affordable data plan, yes, the 1GB for N200 three days plan, unfortunately this plan doesn’t work for all 9mobile subscribers but for those who are eligible to use it, enjoy while while you can.

I really don’t know how much 250MB can do on the internet these days, i guess 1GB will still handle a few thing things. For your small downloads, the Airtel download bundle is quite reasonable, for just N350 you get 1GB data to be use under 24hrs, i guess that’s the part a lot of us won’t find interesting. I think 3days like the 9mobile bundle would be cool or maybe a week.

If you’ve to go for the download bundle, here’s how o activate it on your Airtel Sim.

Best Airtel Trybe Nigbt Plan Alternative

  • 9mobile Night Plan (N200 for 1GB, night plan)
  • Airtel Download Bundle (N350 for 1GB, 24hrs)

How To Activate 9mobile Night Plan?

To activate 9mobile N200 for 1GB night plan, simply dial *229*3*11#

This is the cheapest and most reasonable night data plan at the moment.

How To Activate Airtel Download bundle?

Dial *141*35*4# to get the plan

Airtel download bundle is only good when you need/have to download, so you may not necessary find it attractive.

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