Airtel Special Data Offer – Get 1GB for N200, 2GB for N500, 4GB for N1000

Are you looking for the best affordable internet data plan in Nigeria? are you tired of spending more on fewer internet data? Now you can enjoy 1GB of data at N200, 2GB at N500 and 4GB at N1000 on Airtel with the new Airtel special offer data plan.

Airtel has recently taken over Globacom to become the second-largest telecom provider in Nigeria and the telecom giant will do anything to maintain its position in the telecom ecosystem.

We all know Glo to be the grandmaster of data and offer the best value plan in the telecom space but Airtel has introduced a new set of cheap data plans which seems to be the best internet data plan in Nigeria at the moment.

If you can still remember, Airtel used to have 1GB for N200 weekend plan and has now introduced a similar plan to MTN special offer (1GB for N200, weekly plan). We also have the 9mobile 1GB for 3days data plan, unfortunately both the MTN 1GB weekly plan and the 9mobile 3days plan is SIM selective.

If you’re not eligible for the MTN and 9mobile 3days plan for N200, then it is time to dust your Airtel SIM. The new Airtel data plan wasn’t announced and no much details about the eligibility were disclosed. like the MTN and 9mobile plan, the new Airtel data plan is also sim selective and will not work for everyone, however, you can always try it out.

Airtel Special Offer (Best Cheap Data Plan In Nigeria)

Airtel Special Data Offer
Airtel Special Data Offer

The new Airtel special offer comes in daily, weekly and monthly plan at very affordable rates.

  • 200MB for N100 (validity 3days)
  • 1GB for N200 (validity 1 week)
  • 2GB for N500 (validity is 2 weeks)
  • 4GB for N1000 (validity is 1 month)

How do I subscribe for Airtel 1GB for N200 Special Data Plan

  1. Recharge your Airtel line with N100, N200, 500 or N1000.
  2. Dial *141*241# and choose the package that suit.
  3. You’ll get a prompt to confirm your subscription on the next screen.
  4. If your sim is not eligible, you’ll see another screen displaying you are not eligible for the offer.
  5. But if you’re eligible you’ll receive a confirmation text.

Note: This plan works on old SIM but new users can also give it a try since the offer is selective.

Those of you that are no longer eligible for MTN 1GB for N200, you can go with this or simply don’t subscribe to any data plan on that sim for 2 – 3 weeks and it will be eligible again. You can be making calls with it but don’t subscribe data on it.

What do you think about the new Airtel special data offer? Did it work for you? Share your views with us in the comment section below.

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