Amazon Honeycode Lets Anyone Build Apps With Zero Coding Experience

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If you’ve always wanted to create a mobile app or web app without writing codes, the newly launched Amazon Web Services (AWS) dubbed Amazon Honeycode will help you achieve that. The new service will let just anyone build apps for mobile and web without any prior coding knowledge.

With Honeycode, you can build apps using an AWS-built database and offer prebuilt templates for common use cases like project management apps, task-tracking applications, survey among others. You can also keep track of your data over time and set notifications for users of changes, approvals, and provide an interactive business interface.

The Honeycode service uses a spreadsheet view for its core interface, which makes it pretty easy for users to interact with. It lets you build apps for up to 20 users, free of cost. For more users, you’ll have to pay per user and for more storage.

In the free plan, however, you get access to 2500 rows of data in a spreadsheet as a part of the product. Old AWS customers like Slack and SmugMug are said to be the first ones who are planning to use the service.


amazon honeycode application

Currently, the Amazon Honeycode is only to use for the western state of Oregon, in the United States and is expected to reach more regions in the coming weeks.

No-code tools are now widely accepted in many organizations as it helps people with little or no coding knowledge to build customized applications needed for some quick tasks. Google also launched app maker in 2018 allowing it Gsuite subscribers to build apps with no-coding required.

Launching the Honeycode tool during a time like like this where IT resources are stretched thin due to the ongoing pandemic can be very useful. The new service will also let AWS expand its customer base beyond programmers.


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