Google Launches Android 10 Go Edition For Level-Entry Phones

The search giant Google has launched Android Go edition based on its latest Android 10 OS for low-end smartphones with limited specifications. Android 10 Go comes with a lot of performance and security features to get the most of of level-entry smartphones.

Android Go as we all know is a streamlined Android version designed specifically for smartphones with 1GB of RAM or less and has limited processing ability.

According to the tech giant Google, “With smaller app sizes, more storage space, and way more control over how your content is stored, it’s easy to see the ways Android 10 Go helps you save”.

Android 10 Go Edition Features

  1. Android 10 Go come preloaded with lightweight versions of official Google apps found on the standard version of Android 10, unlike the regular Google apps, the lite apps version takes up less space on the device’s internal storage.
  2. Google Assistant, Gmail, Maps, Google Play Store, Search, Chrome, and YouTube has been well Optimized.
  3. File Manager app (Files Go) has been improved and a few other Google apps such as Gallery Go, Google Go, and Gboard on Android 10 Go.
  4. Android Go also comes with a built-in data manager to help users reduce their mobile data usage, as well as support for Google’s Find My Device security feature.

Google has also improved security in the latest Android Go OS. In the latest Android 10 Go edition, Google has added a new Adiantum encryption system that should secure data without affecting performance or requiring special hardware. With this protection, users will not have to worry about sensitive info being vulnerable simply because you bought an entry-level device.

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Android 10 Go will begin to roll out to various budget Android smartphones starting this week.

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