Tecno Pouvoir 4 Receives Android 11 Beta 1 Update — Here’s How To Install

First MediaTek powered smartphone to receive Android 11 beta 1 update.

The final Android 11 release is still a few months away, since the first Beta release (Android 11 Beta 1), we’ve seen different manufacturers sign up their device for the developer program. All the devices so far in the Android 11 beta program have been a Qualcomm powered smartphone but now we have the first MediaTek phone receiving the Android 11 beta 1 update.

The latest inclusion is coming from the Hong Kong-based manufacturer Tecno, the company has just recently released Android 11 beta 1 for one of its new devices, the Tecno Pouvoir 4. The device is powered by MediaTek’s Helio A22 SoC which is mostly being referred to as the MediaTek MT6761.

Tecno have previously participated in the Android Q testing in 2019 with its Spark 3 Pro device which also happens to be a Helio A22 device. If you would like to try the new Android 11 experience on your Tecno Pouvoir 4 device then continue reading.

Before proceeding to download and installing Android 11 beta 1 for Tecno Pouvoir 4, you should note that:

  1. This is not the final Android 11 release and you are likely to run into problems with apps, stability, battery or performance on the device.
  2. Banking and finance apps might not work as expected.
  3. Some apps might crash or may not function as expected when running on this release. This includes Google’s apps as well as other apps.
  4. Some permissions managed through Settings may need to be set again after app re-installation or device reboot.
  5. The release contains some known platform-related issues such as performance and battery, access files in external storage, permissions.
  6. Some apps or icons may be obscured by the water drop screen.
  7. The camera may not be as good as expected.

If you still want to go ahead, no problem, you can always revert back to the Android 10/Q OS and get your device back to normal.

Download Android 11 beta 1 for Tecno Pouvoir 4

How to install Tecno Pouvoir 4 Android 11 beta 1 update

Before flashing the Android 11 beta 1, back up all your data to your PC. Flashing the OS will completely erase your device. This Android 11 release is meant for developers, however, you can flash it if you want the Android 11 experience right now on your Tecno Pouvoir 4.
  1. Once you’ve downloaded the Android 11 beta 1 for Tecno Pouvoir 4, extract it to a folder on your desktop and leave it. We’ll be using it later.
  2. Now, download Tecno Aftersales flash tool from here.
  3. Extract the flash tool to a folder after download
  4. Open the folder which contains the flash tool and double click the SWD Aftersales.exe iconAndroid 11 beta 1 for Tecno Pouvoir 4
  5. Once the software opens up
  6. Click on the settings icon to locate the scatter file from the Android 11 beta 1 firmware you download earlier
  7. Click the load button to browse the scatter file and load into the flash tool.Android 11 beta 1 for Tecno Pouvoir 4
  8. In the drop-down menu below the load bar, set the option to download only and click okAndroid 11 beta 1 for Tecno Pouvoir 4
  9. Now power off your device and connect to the pc via a USB cable
  10. Onc the flash tool detects your device, it’ll begin to flash the Android 1 beta 1
  11. Wait for the process to complete
  12. Once the flashing is complete, you will get a green circle confirming the process
  13. Now, disconnect your device and power on

First boot may take about 5-10 minutes, so, don’t panic.

If after flashing the Android 11 beta 1 on your device, the performance dropped or maybe you faced too many bugs, simply download the rollback file here and perform the same steps to flash.


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