Tecno Camon 17 Receives Android 12 Beta 1 Update — Here’s How To Install

Following the release of the Android 12 beta, Google announced a list of devices that will be getting the beta build before the final release. Amongst the eligible devices, we saw the newly launched Tecno Camon 17. Hours after the release of the first public beta of Android 12, Tecno Mobile release Android 12 beta 1 for Tecno Camon 17 along with step by step guide to install.

Tecno Camon 17 is the latest device from Tecno Mobile. The device is one of the best phones the company has ever made. It comes in two variant, the standard and the Pro model. The base model features a 6.6-inch FHD display with a 90Hz refresh rate, Android 11 (HiOS 7.6), Helio G85, 4/6GB RAM with 128GB storage, 48MP triple camera and a 16MP selfie shooter, all fueled by a 5000mAh battery with 18W fast charge.

The Camon 17 Pro, on the other hand, features a bigger 6.8-inch FHD display with a 90Hz refresh rate, Android 11 (HiOS 7.6), Helio G95, 8GB RAM + 256GB storage, 64MP quad primary camera, a 48MP selfie shooter, and housed by a 5000mAh battery with 25W fast charge.

The Camon 17 Pro shares closely similar with the recently launched Infinix Note 10 Pro.

The Android 12 beta is only available for the standard Tecno Camon 17 device. The Pro variant users will have to wait for the company to release another build for them or wait until the final release before they can enjoy the new Android experience.

Before proceeding to download and installing Android 12 beta 1 for Tecno Camon 17, you should note that:

  1. This is not the final Android 12 release and you are likely to run into problems with apps, stability, battery or performance on the device.
  2. Banking and finance apps might not work as expected.
  3. Some apps might crash or may not function as expected when running on this release. This includes Google’s apps as well as other apps.
  4. Some permissions managed through Settings may need to be set again after app re-installation or device reboot.
  5. The release contains some known platform-related issues such as performance and battery, access files in external storage, permissions.
  6. Some apps or icons may be obscured by the water drop screen.
  7. The camera may not be as good as expected.

If you still want to go ahead, no problem, you can always revert back to the Android 11 OS and get your device back to normal.

How To Get Android 12 beta 1 for Tecno Camon 17

Visit the the OS download download page by clicking on the button below. You’ll find two links for Tecno Camon 17 Android 12 beta. One for 4GB RAM device model and the other for the 6GB RAM model. So, choose according to your device memory.

How to install Tecno Camon 17 Android 12 beta 1 update

Before flashing the Android 12 beta 1, back up all your data to your PC. Flashing the OS will completely erase your device. This Android 12 release is meant for developers, however, you can flash it if you want the Android 12 experience right now on your Tecno Camon 17 device.
  1. First off, download the Android 12 beta 1 for Tecno Camon 17 from the above link.
  2. The download will be in zip format, so extract it to a folder on your desktop after downloading.
  3. After extraction, you will find three folders inside the extracted folder. One containing the necessary Windows drivers required for installation, the second containing the tool we’ll be using for the installation and the third folder contains the ROM files.Android 12 beta 1 for Tecno Camon 17
  4. Open the driver folder and install the driver. Once installation is complete, you’ll need to reboot your PC to continue.
  5. After the reboot, launch the SWD Loader.exe. If it doesn’t load up, open the SWD folder and run SWD_UserRomUpgrade.exe.
  6. Once the software opens up, click on the play icon and wait for the SWD tool to verify the ROM files.Android 12 beta 1 for Tecno Camon 17
  7. After the verification process is complete, power of your device and connect it to your PC via USB cable.
  8. On connecting your device to your PC, a download process will start. Android 12 beta 1 for Tecno Camon 17
  9. Wait for the process to complete, don’t interrupt the download for any reason.
  10. When the download is complete, you’ll get a success message on the screen and a green bar displaying download complete.Android 12 beta 1 for Tecno Camon 17
  11. You can now disconnect your device and power on your device.

First boot may take about 5-10 minutes, so, don’t panic.

If after flashing the Android 12 beta 1 on your Tecno Camon 17 device, the performance dropped or maybe you faced too many bugs, simply download the rollback file here and follow the same steps above to flash.

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