Android Phones with 2GB RAM or Less Will Now Run on Android Go

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Back in 2017, Google released Android Go for Android phones to deliver better performance on low memory phones (phones with 1GB RAM or less). The tech giant is looking at extending Android Go to 2GB RAM smartphones according to a leaked document and personally, I think this is a great idea.

If you’re currently using a 2GB RAM smartphone, then, you’ll understand why I totally support this. If this leak turns out to be true, Google will require all smartphones by Q4 2020 to ship with the new Android 10 Go edition and new Android 11 device.


According to XDA Developers, Google will also end support for Android devices with 512MB of RAM with Android 11 noting the devices as “not supported.”

Google has refused to comment on this development and if this leaked document dated April 24 still stands. But one thing is sure, dropping Android 11 GMS (Google Mobile Services) support for the ultra-low end 512MB devices means we won’t see any of them in the future. And Android Go being installed on 1GB and 2GB devices means better performance overall.


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