Resurrection Remix Android Pie Custom ROM For Tecno Camon 11

Resurrection Remix Android Pie for Tecno Camon 11 with MediaTek MT6739, Oreo kernel 4.4.95+. If you’re looking for the best custom rom for Tecno Camon 11, then you should try RR Android Pie custom ROM for Tecno Camon 11, it is very fast, smooth, clean and handles the device battery pretty nice.

Resurrection Remix custom ROM is based on LineageOS, SlimROMs, Omni, and original Remix ROM build. This creates an awesome combination of performance, customization and new features, brought directly to your device.

RR ROM is one of the best Lineage based OS and constantly been updated to give users amazing experience and limitless tweak.

To Install RR Android Pie for Tecno Camon 11, continue to the guide ahead.


Resurrection Remix Android Pie Features

Resurrection Remix Pie ROM comes with several customization options unlike AOSP ROM and many other. It comes with all Google’s stock OS features while adding a powerful theme engine to make your Tecno Camon 11 device look awesome.

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We all know Tecno mobile may not be releasing an official Pie update for Tecno Camon 11, so, if you’re looking for Android Pie update for Tecno Camon 11, get resurrected with Resurrection Remix.

What’s Working:

  • WiFi
  • RIL
  • Mobile Data
  • GPS
  • Camera
  • Flashlight
  • Camcorder
  • Bluetoot
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • HW Buttons
  • Alert Slider and Gestures
  • Sound / Vibration
  • And lots more…

ROM Bugs:

  • Hotspot (To share hotspot connection with PC, install Pdanet app)

Device Info:

Device name: Tecno Camon 11
Device model: CF7
Device Stock OS: 8.1.0 Oreo / Go edition
Device chipset: MT6739
Device Kernel: 4.4.95+
Device architecture: 32bit
Device bootloader: Unlocked

ROM Info:

ROM name: Resurrection Remix
ROM OS version: Android 9.0
SDK Version: 27 
Status: Stable 
Security patch level: May
Current Stable Version: Unofficial 
Supported Language: Multi-Language 
Supported Recovery: Twrp 3.1.1-0+

Disclaimer: Before you proceed to install Android Pie for Tecno Camon 11, make sure you take a nandroid backup (nvdata and IMEI are very important). This site or its author will not be responsible if you damage your device in the process of flashing a custom rom.

How to install Resurrection Remix Android Pie for Tecno Camon 11

You can install GSI Android ROMs with two simple methods which will be explained below. Please read the disclaimer notice before installing this Android Pie custom ROM for Tecno Camon 11

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Method 1 – Using TWRP

  1. Download Resurrection Remix Pie GSI ROM and vendor mod from the below link
  2. Copy the downloaded GSI file to the root of your SD, if the ROM is in zip or rar format, simply extract it to get the img file
  3. Now boot your device into TWRP recovery
  4. In TWRP perform a factory reset
  5. Return to the main menu and tap the install button
  6. On the bottom left corner of the screen, select install image option
  7. Select the ROM img file and select the system partition to install the ROM on the next screen.
  8. Follow the onscreen instruction to start the installation process
  9. The installation should complete in about 10 to 30 seconds
  10. Once this is complete, now reboot.

Method 2 – Using ADB (Works for non root users too)

  1. Download Resurrection Remix Android Pie Custom rom for Tecno Spark.
  2. Copy the downloaded ROM to your adb and fastboot folder
  3. Now, perform a factory reset either from your device settings or using your stock recovery if not rooted.
  4. Boot your device into fastboot mode
  5. In fastboot mode, enter the following command; fastboot erase system
  6. Then flash the ROM using the command fastboot flash system name_of_system.img.
  7. Once installation is complete, reboot.

Fixing bugs

Tecno Camon 11 users need to restore the custom vendor patch from the previous ROM to fix bugs.

That’s it you’ve successfully installed Resurrection Remix Android Pie for Tecno Camon 11 device, reboot

Note: The first boot takes 5-10 minutes to complete, so, take a walk or do something during the boot process. Once booting is complete, you’ll get a welcome screen and then proceed with the device setup.

Fix device not certified after Pie Custom ROM for Tecno Camon 11

  1. Find your device’s GSF Device-ID. You can find that by installing Device ID apk, download the application here.
  2. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app, open the app and copy Google Service Framework (GSF) code.
  3. Now go to this webpage.
  4. Paste your GSF Device-ID in the “Android ID” box and tap “Register”.
  5. Your registered ID should appear on the page, reboot your device and you should now be able to sign-in to Google play store and use Gapps.

If you’re finding it difficult to install Resurrection Remix Android Pie custom ROM for Tecno Camon 11, simply use the comment system below and I’ll get back you asap!.

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ROM credits:

Resurrection Remix Team
Samad Sageme (building for MTK)
Mudasiru Adewale (for sharing)
  1. SO I have installed so far the only issue I have had is with the Vendor Patch. I cant flash it it gives me an error

  2. So after installing the remix os it was working for sometime then it just shutdown and booted to recovery. this was the first time. i tried everything it did not work so i reinstalled the firmware then reinstalled remix again. this time the same thing happened after eight hour or so.

    so i thought probably the issue is the recovery so i went ahead and deleted the recovery as i usualy do but this time did not reinstall another recovery on adb.

    so now i am stuck at reboot loop after every five seconds. I cant go into download mode i cant do anything.

    Please help

    • The first mistake is, you shouldn’t have removed the custom recovery. You should have restored your backup after wiping the partitions. Try reflashing the recovery and wipe the partitions you already backed up and then restore.

      • I could not do anything since no single button was working it was only on a reboot loop. so I couldnt go into download mode hence could not do anything.

        I took it to calcare since it had warranty they fixed it.

        now I`m back to stock rom.

        My issue with this rom is once installed it reboots itself into recovery after a few hours and doesnt boot back into the system. It gets stuck on the recovery. Keeps rebooting back intor recovery. How do I solve that? I dont know whether any other person has experienced that.

    • What do you mean by you deleted the recovery??
      Did you revert back to stock recovery or just removed the custom one without flashing another

  3. I want to download the custom Rom, but the link you provided does not lead me to the download. I wanted to install it on my camon 11. Kindly requesting you to provide a working link. The current link only leads to adverts. Thanks

  4. Hi, thank you for the good custom rom, i installed it on my camon 11, it has very good features. However i had the following challenges:
    After flashing Gapps from open gapps official website, battery started draining very very fast, i flashed the stock open Gapps. I was forced to return back to the stock rom.
    Battery life before flashing Gapps was a bit fair, but there is no way one can use a phone without Gapps. Kindly request you to fix this Bug.
    I really liked the Custom rom, and i would want to install it, incase this bug is fixed.
    Also i request you to release the official version of the custom rom, bcoz in the settings it shows that it is the unofficial version.
    Thank you

  5. it worked an i’m having fun
    i tried lineage os since it was not an image it could not install instead it said invalid zip format
    is there a system image for lineage os

  6. After installing resurrection remix I tried installing gapps in tarp but it didn’t work due to I sufficient system partition storage. How can I increase system partition storage

  7. So I installed lineage os using restore option together with the vendor and it worked and Google apps came installed. Thank you for the help. If any other custom rom comes up for tecno camon 11 please inform us. Also can you find Evolutin c custom rom for tecno camon 11

  8. when i connected to the internet and downloaded some apps the phone displayed “powering off”
    and booted to recovery. After returning the stock recovery it said that my data is corrupt and that i need to factory reset, which i did. It happened in all the custom roms. Lineage, remix and decendant. what might be the problem? or tecno are shutting my phone remotely

    • That’s new. I haven’t experienced this or heard anyone complained of such incident. First off, is this happening with any app download outside store or with a particular app? If you experience it trying to install a particular app, i’d suggest you don’t try that app again. If otherwise, I really have no clue what the cause could be. I’ll try and see if there’s a similar issue with other custom ROM users

      • I have installed on another phone like mine and it was good for about two days except for some bugs( can’t call anyone but can receive calls) and then it just shutdown and rebooted to recovery
        What might be the problem. I have been using havoc os(android 10) for about a week now and it has never crashed like the android 9 roms

  9. Hi. I’ve read all the above comments and the problem that i’ve had has been already inquired about but no specific answer was given. Please give a final answer. Question is, after using the ROM for sometime, it says powering off and reboots into recovery, and boots into recovery mode every time ii reboot it. Please Help.

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