Apple Rolls Out iOS 13, What’s New and How to Download it

Tech gaint Apple has started rolling out the iOS 13 update for Apple devices. The new iOS 13 software is available for download for users with the iPhone 6S and above.

iOS 13 brings a lot of improvement over its predecessor iOS12, it is a lot faster, more responsive and better optimizations across the system that improve app launch, reduce app download sizes, and make Face ID even faster.

The new OS update bags tons of new features, we already discussed this features in a previous post, however, below are the highlights of the new iOS 13 features .

iOS 13 Dark Mode

Dark Mode is one the trending features in mobile and PC space. With iOS 13 the tech giant Apple has deliver a system wide dark mode interface.

The new dark mode feature delivers a great viewing experience especially in low-light environments. You can turn it ON manually or set it to turn on automatically from certain time to time from control center.

Swipe to Type

This feature is no longer new to Android users, but a great addition for iOS users. iOS 13 brings a new Quickpath keyboard, which lets you swipe to type more quickly. It works the same way as seen in the Android OS.

iOS 13 Maps

Apple Maps has added a new feature that let’s users explore the city in 3D, this is similar to the navigation feature in Google maps.

Siri Now Reads Message

Googles Assistant received an update some weeks ago, the new features let’s Google Assistant read and reply to messages from third-party apps, a very useful update. Apple has also followed suite to let Siri read incoming messages to users and let you share audio from your AirPods. Over 100,000 live radio stations from around the world available with Siri.

New Privacy Features

Apple has also introduced a new privacy feature in the new OS update. Users will now be able to log into third-party apps and websites using your Apple ID. The is similar to the sign-in with Facebook & Google features you see on apps and websites. Users czn even choose to generate new email address to login to these services.

How to Download iOS 13 Update

To download the new iOS 13 OS, simply follow the simple guide below.

  1. Go to Settings section on your phone
  2. Tap on the tab that says “General,” and then press “Software Update.
  3. You should have at least 3GB of data to download the new update, and
  4. Make sure you device is well charged
  5. Once download is complete, tap on the install button and let the update process complete.

Viola! You’ve successfully updated your device to the latest iOS firmware.

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