Apple Launches New Programming Resources For Students

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Apple is launching new programming resources for elementary school students. These new tools are part of Apple’s “Everyone Can Code” initiative that helps parents and teachers bring programming to children.

New resources for learning programming

One of the new resources is Everyone Can Code Early Learners, a guide to activities related to programming and application development. A resource that teachers can use to include in their curriculum.

Image credits: Apple

It is a guide designed for children in kindergarten through early elementary grades.

Our resources and assistance for educators are designed to prepare students to be tomorrow’s innovators, whether they are just starting out or are ready to create their first apps.


And of course, the method proposed in this Apple guide is not monotonous, but the activities include other subjects such as Science, Physical Education, Music, Art, etc. For example, they are taught to use programming commands through dance movements.

Another proposal that you will find in this guide is to apply one of the suggested one-hour activities for children to take their first steps in programming, but adding reflections on accessibility and inclusion in the design of apps.

This guide, Everyone Can Code Early Learners, will be available within the Swift Playgrounds application. Several languages have been considered for the deployment of this activity guide, including Spanish.

And for those who want a more advanced activity plan, they can turn to Everyone Can Code Adventures. A guide launched by Apple last year. And of course, there are many other initiatives with free programming resources for children, as we shared in a previous article.


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