Beeptool OYI-1 $1 Smartphone is Available for Pick Up — See the new Price

It has been 2 years since the Beeptool Oyi-1 $1 smartphone was announced and even after it was officially released in April 2019, it never made it to the market. The Oyi-1 $1 Android phone is now available for pickup for everyone who preordered in 2018, but, there is a whole new story behind the pickup.

Sometime last year, I wrote an article on how to request for a refund for whoever pre-ordered for the Oyi-1 device but it seems the management was not able to fulfil the refunds, however, I saw a few Nigerians who claimed they got their refund on Facebook.

I said there is a whole new story behind the Oyi-1 device pickup which we weren’t aware of until now for those of us who pre-ordered the device. Well, this is the email I got this last weekend.

❝Good afternoon, the Beeptool Oyi-1 you pre-ordered for in 2018 is now available for collection. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the new price per device is N15,500. You will need to add the difference between what you paid and the new price. Send details to [email protected] to arrange for yours.❞

Well yes, you read that correctly, but that was not part of the bargain in 2018 right? For those of you who pre-ordered for a unit of the device, you now have to pay N14,500 to pick up the device and if you pre-ordered for more than one unit, you’ll be paying N14,500 to get each unit.

The management said in a statement last year that the reason for the delay was that

❝…We are currently facing regulatory challenges in Nigeria which is why we have not distributed the phones, although the Oyi-1 phones have already been manufactured; and it cost us N23,000 to manufactured each of the phones.❞

And didn’t say anything regarding the new price. If you wish to get your own unit of the phone, or demand for a full refund, you can mail the sales team with your details to [[email protected]]

Let us know what you thing about the new development in the comment.

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