Are You Tired Of Waiting For Beeptool’s Oyi-1 Smartphone? Here’s How To Request A Refund

Back in June 2019, Beeptool announced the first batch of the Oyi-1 smartphone ready for shipment, however, it doesn’t seem to look as if everyone who pre-ordered for the device will be getting it any sooner. According to recent reports, the Beeptool management said they encountered some delay and will be communicating delivery when settled.

The management stated that the first batch Oyi-1 smartphone is ready, but the company is facing some delays with some agencies. “We are settling with some agencies now, bear with us,” they said.

Everyone who pre-ordered for the Oyi-1 smartphone should have gotten their devices in June/July 2019 according to the company’s terms and condition.

Sometimes, I wonder if the Oyi-1 smartphone project is real or a scam, however, if you have pre-ordered for the smartphone and tired of waiting for the device to be shipped, you can simply demand a refund.

How to Demand Refund For Oyi-1 Smartphone

One of the reasons I still believe that this project is real is the fact that the company has also acknowledged the fact that Nigerians are growing tired of waiting and some are already demanding a refund. Although I haven’t seen any post saying anyone got a refund or maybe they did and just didn’t mention on the platform.

Either way, you can simply request for a refund by sending a copy of your Order ID and payment method to the management on [[email protected]]

If by any chance the Oyi-1 smartphone turns out to be a success, it will make smartphone technology accessible to everyone in Nigeria and Africa. Secure, reliable, and affordable — Oyi-1 will provide practical solutions to life’s everyday problems. Oyi-1 is an affordable smartphone for the rural and poor Nigerians and Africans to access digital services such as finance, telehealthcare, Agriculture, communication and educational services, etc. 

As for me, I think I’ll still wait and see the turn out of the event and even if it doesn’t happen, well, I hope it happens.

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