Best Affordable Data Plans For Android, iOS and PC Users In November 2019

We’re in the month of November were everyone gets really excited to shop from their favorite stores around the world. This is because of the amazing offers online stores throw at customers, something we all know to be Black Friday special deals. Well discuss more more on Black Friday in our next post.

We all know that to be updated and catch all the best deals in Black Friday, we’ll need data, yes data and that’s why we’re bringing the best and cheapest data plan for smartphone and PC users in November 2019.

Cheapest Data Plans For Android, iOS and PC Users

Gone are the the days where we find cheats every corner in the telecom space. We really miss simple server, tweakware, anonytun vpn, psiphon handler and others????? I can’t help but say a big thank you to brain behind those VPN tweak for browsing so cool.???? Well then;

MTN Nigeria

MTN has unveiled several cheap data plans and some of the best options are 1GB for N200 7days data plan, 4GB for N1000 monthly subscription and also 250MB for N100 3days plan.

You can as well activate 100% double data bonus on your sim if eligible and enjoy double data bonus for 6 months whenever you purchase a monthly or weekly plan.

Dial *131*65# to subscribe to any data plan of your choice and *131*4# to check your data balance.

However, to enjoy the 6 months double data offer, it’s preferable to get a new sim as existing subscribers will not get this offer, so, if you’re using a special SIM to browse, it’s not so bad if you get a new one, you’ll be entitled to free 4GB data on activation plus 6 months double data offer.

So, let’s say you subscribe for a 10GB data plan, you’ll get another 10GB bonus = 20GB and so on.


Glo is undoubtedly the best when it comes to internet data, they have an amazing and cheap data plans. The only downside is the network strength when surfing the internet, although this is not the case for everyone as you’ll enjoy the network in certain locations. So, if Glo network is very strong in your location, then Glo I strongly recommend you change to Glo for cheap internet subscriptions. Just like 9mobile Ramadan special data offer, Glo also offers a 1.2GB data plan for N200 and it last 3days and there’s a 5GB for N800 12days option too, sweet isn’t it?.

It works on all devices, whether 3G or 4G devices but 4GB works best.

This plan is best for heavy data users, it will save you some cash while giving you a huge amount of data to browse. If you’re not using the Glo OgaSim bonus offer package already, I’ll suggest you do now. Glo Ogasim gives you 125% bonus data????, whenever you renew your current data plan before it plan expires. You can kiss being low on data bye bye…

Let’s say you opt for a N1000 data plan, you’ll get 4.8GB. N2500 will give you 14.4GB which will last you a whole month and most interestingly, you can rollover, so there will be no case of I didn’t finish my data????.

How to Subscribe to Any of Glo Packages Above?

For Glo Special data Plan;

  1. Dial *777# and then Select 1
  2. On the next screen, Select 1 again and choose 5 for Special data offer
  3. Now, Select option 2 for Glo Special Data and boom! you are good to go

For Glo OgaSim bonus Offer;

  1. Dial *777# and select your normal data plan
  2. Make sure you resubscribe before your data plan expires and viola!, you’ll get the 125% double data OgaSim bonus offer.

To Check your data balances on Glo, go to

Note: It is advisable to first migrate to Glo Yakata before subscribing to any of the above data plans, this way you get to enjoy more amusing data bonus/offer. Dail *220# to migrate.

Airtel NG

Airtel uses, if you’re still on 3G, I’ll suggest you go swap to 4G right away so you can also enjoy cheap data plans and “crazy” offers like 600% bonus on airtime, double data bonus + 4G data bonus + Android data bonus. New Airtel 4G SIM will enjoy this offer for 3month.

Users will get up to 8GB for N1000 Plus free N3500 airtime to call any network and up to 17GB for N2000. While you can’t use a device to get this bonus twice, you can go the old fashion way by changing your device imei number and get a new Airtel 4G SIM once you’ve used up the offer on your current sim.

However, you can still enjoy the double data bonus and airtime without changing your device IMEI number only that you won’t be credited with free 4G because you can only get it once.

Dial *141# to subscribe to any package you wish and your bonus is guaranteed.

YouTubers Data Plan

Airtel did a great job introducing the YouTube data plan. For every YouTube plan you opt for, you’ll also get a normal Android bundle that can be used for other app and we. So, if you’re a Youtuber, then this plan is best for you:

  • N1000 will get you 4.5GB data (1.5GB android data + 3GB YouTube streaming)
  • N2000 will get you 9.5GB data (3.5GB android data + 6GB YouTube streaming)
  • N2500 will get you 15GB data (5GB android data + 10GB YouTube streaming)
  • N3500 will get you 17 GB data (7GB android data + 10 GB YouTube streaming)
  • N4000 will get you 19GB data (9GB android data + 10GB YouTube streaming)

Each of the data plans is valid for 30 days but the downside is, the YouTube free data is only usable at night.

To subscribe, dial *323# and follow the onscreen prompt.

Airtel October Special Offer – 1.5GB for N500, 6GB for N1500

Airtel introduced My Airtel My Offer special offer in October 2018. The new plan gives subscribers exclusive data offers, depending how each subscribers is active on the network, you’ll get different offers.

To check and subscribe to your exclusive offer, simply dial the USSD code *141# and on the next screen you’ll see My offer as the first option, reply with 1.

You’ll get a list of all the available data offers your SIM is eligible for. Then you can proceed and subscribe to any data plan of your choice.

  • 1GB for N300 (Daily)
  • 2GB for N500 (Daily)
  • 6GB for N1500 (7 Days)
  • 750MB for N500 (14 Days)
  • 1.5GB for N1000 (30 Days)
  • 2GB for N1200 (30 Days)
  • 3GB for N1500 (30 Days)

These are the cheapest data plan for Airtel subscribers


9mobile, as we all know, has one the best network coverage in Nigeria. Despite that, the company is still striving to survive in the Telecom space.

At the moment, the best data plan the company offers is the 1GB for 3days plan which cost N200.

9mobile 1GB for N200

The 9mobile 1GB for N200 plan is SIM selective which means not all users can use it. To activate simply dial *929*10# to subscribe for this plan and if you’re ineligible, you’ll get the message.

9mobile 1GB + 3Hours Free Streaming for Just N200

9mobile introduced the 1GB plus 3hours free streaming a few weeks ago and is the only new data plan from the Telecom company.

Here’s how to subscribe for 9mobile 1GB plus 3hours free streaming plan;

  1. Get a new 9mobile SIM or if your 9mobile SIM is not older than 3months, and recharge it with N200
  2. Dial *253*20# to subscribe to the package
  3. You’ll receive 1GB + 3 Hours of free streaming.

So what do you think about this cheap data plans? Tell us in the comment section and don’t forget to subscribe.

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