Google Chrome Gets A Revamped Interface

I guess I don’t have to tell you Chrome browser is without a doubt the most widely used web browser at the moment with a market share of 58% worldwide.

If you’ve been using Chrome browser then I guess you’re very familiar with the interface.

Google Chrome Gets A Material Design

Over the past few years, we’ve seen popular PC browsers like Mozilla and Opera get a revamped interface. Chrome, however, has received many updates but one aspect has been left unchanged or should I just say it hasn’t really changed since it made public debut in 2008.

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After several complaints from Chrome users regarding the Chrome browser, the search giant has now decided to give it a Material design along with many other cool features.

Google Chrome Gets A Revamped Interface
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The Material design was first noticed in the Chrome Canary version. The new design brings changes to the address bar, tabs and bookmark bar.

The browser trapezoidal tabs will now have a similar look to the new Mozilla tab design with curved corners and each tab will be separated by vertical thin lines while adapting the browser’s default grey background colour.

Google Chrome Gets A Revamped Interface
Google Chrome Gets A Material Design

When you look at the bookmarked bar, you’ll notice a rounded corner grey highlight on mouse hover which is pretty cool.

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While the Material design is yet to be pushed to Chrome browsers officially, users can still experience the new material design in the latest Chrome update.

How to enable Chrome browser Material Design

Step 1 – Type in “chrome://flags” in your address bar

Step 2 – In “flags,” you’ll find a search bar where you can tweak some features in your browsers.

Google Chrome Gets A Revamped Interface
Google Chrome Gets A Material Design

Step 3 – In “flags” search bar, key in “ui layout” and in the search result you should find “UI layout for the browser’s top chrome“.

Step 4 – The UI layout consists of 7 different options, you can either select from Touchable, Refresh or Touchable Refresh.

Step 5 – After you select any of the above options, you’ll get a prompt to relaunch your browser.

That’s it, now you can also experience the new Material Design on Chrome browser.

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Moreover, this is not the only development Google is bringing to its browser. Other new developments coming to the browser include:

Stop background tabs loading (Chrome for Android)

This new feature will stop any background tabs after being inactive for 5 minutes. Initially, the feature was discovered by XDA developers. According to reports, Google has been working on this feature for more than five months now.

Google Chrome Android - stop loading in background

This new update will boost performance on Android smartphones and also save battery life by suspending the inactive tabs in the background for more than 5 minutes. To enable this feature, search for “stop loading background” in flags

Capping data-heavy web pages

In the Chrome Canary version, when this option is turned on, any tab which uses more than 1Mb of data will be flagged and users will be notified of data-heavy web pages in form of notification in the info bar.

The new feature was first spotted by Chromestory and would soon arrive on Windows, Chrome OS, Android, Mac, and Linux. This feature will be useful for people who are relying on low data plans, so users won’t have to worry over the usage of data.

Google Chrome’s New Emoji Panel

As we all know, Emoji has become very useful as it shows more expression in chats or any text content. Now, the search giant has decided to include the emoji panel in its browser but currently, it is an experimental feature but users can still enable it and give it a try.

Google Chrome emoji panel enable

To enable Emoji panel in Chrome browser, go to chrome flags and search “Emoji Context Menu“. This Chrome flag is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

After enabling the option, relaunch the browser. Now, in any text field in Google Chrome, right-click to find the Emoji picker option in the context menu.

Read more about the upcoming features here.

So what do you think about this new update in Google Chrome? Share your views with us.

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