Chrome OS Flex: Turn Your Old PC/Mac Into A Chromebook

The first stable release of the Chrome OS Flex has been released

In January, Google announced Chrome OS Flex, a new product allowing anyone to install Chromebook OS on any PC or Mac computer it wasn’t originally designed for. The new OS was released in early access system and has remained in beta development until now.

Google has finally rolled out the first stable Chrome OS Flex version for everyone after certifying it works seamlessly on over 400 non-Chromebook devices. Google aims to make this a simple way for education and enterprise customers to revive ageing computer systems into Chromebook and enjoy a smoother performance.

What is Chrome OS Flex?

Google Chrome OS Flex is a modified version of Chrome OS, a cloud-based operating system that can run any Windows or Mac computer. Before now, Chrome OS could only run on officially supported PCs or Chromebook PCs. With Flex, however, Google is changing its narratives and bringing its Chromebook OS to reach more customers.

Chrome OS Flex comes with all the basic Chrome OS features; however, there is a major difference between the two. The Chromebook OS has an Android sub-system which allows users to run Android apps natively on the OS. Flex, on the other hand, currently lacks this feature. Whether this feature will come to Flex is still unknown but aside from that, you’ll enjoy the same Chrome OS experience as a Chromebook PC user.

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The Flex OS is also a good alternative for general users looking for a lightweight OS to give their old pcs a new life. Unlike resource-hungry OSes like Windows, Chrome OS Flex has low hardware requirements and offers great performance.

With the success of Chrome OS in the educational sector, Google hopes that small businesses and educational institutes will adopt Chrome OS on existing hardware instead of buying new Windows or macOS systems. This will help cut the cost of new hardware and give users a more optimized OS experience on existing hardware.

Can I Dual Boot Chrome OS Flex Alongside Windows, Linux And Mac OS?

Yes, you can dual boot Chrome OS Flex and Windows or any other OS. Chrome OS Flex offers multi-boot installation which allows you to easily install it alongside other OSes. This way you can use Flex as your secondary machine if you don’t want to switch to it completely.

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Is Chrome OS Flex Free?

Yes, Chrome OS Flex. You can get it using the Chrome Utility tool browser extension or by downloading the official ISO file which you can then turn into a bootable media to install. You can also run Chrome OS Flex off the bootable media, the same way Linux OSes let you try an OS before installing it.

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