Call of Duty Mobile Developers To Release ‘Contra’ Mobile Game Worldwide

Contra Returns for Android and iOS

Contra is without a doubt one of the most popular childhood game for many us of today. Gone are the days when VCDs was more than a video player, it brought hundreds of games which includes Adventure Island, Battle city, Tank, Super Mario and many more. Just now, I think of VCDs as hybrid video players. Now, the developers behind one of the most popular battle royale games, I’m talking of no other than Call of Duty Mobile are bringing back the legendary title to mobile as “Contra return“.

Surprisingly, the game has been out for selected countries since 2017. TiMi Studios, the developer of Call of Duty Mobile, partnered with Konami and Garena to release ‘Contra Return,’ the mobile version of Contra in 2017 and launched the game in China that same year. The game was released in Taiwan a year after following all the positive feedback it received. Garena published the English version of the mobile game in other Southasian countries in 2018 and now TiMi studios are planning to extend the game worldwide.

Contra: Return
Contra: Return

Garena Contra: Return brings back the 90’s version of Contra in a modern design, however, some things about the game is not going to change in other to keep the original Contra feel. Some of these include the music, weapons (with a refreshed look), and above all, the characters.

❝Contra Returns has been a hit for mobile devices in parts of the world and we are looking into a potential wider release!❞ TiMi studios said on Twitter.

Like the original version of the game, Contra: return is completely story-based and currently available as an offline game. Yes!, I guess we’re finally going to see a new offline action-packed game soon. Keeping it offline will make the game more appreciated and one thing I’d love the game to bring back is the multiplayer feature, it’ll make the game a lot more interesting to play.

If you’re also wondering what the Contra: Return mobile game looks likes, then watch the preview gameplay below.

In addition, you can take part in the ongoing Contra survey if you’re a big fan to make the game even better before its rolls out worldwide.

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