Contra Returns Mobile Now Available For Download on Android & iOS

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Konami’s new Contra Returns mobile game is finally available for Android and iOS fans to download and play. The reimagined version of the popular classic arcade game releases with over 200 levels and PVP online matches. Before now, the games were only available in some Asian countries but has now been rolled out globally for fans worldwide.

While fans will get the nostalgia of the 90s classic game, the enhanced version has added a bunch of new events, game modes, weapons and new characters to make the game even more interesting for fans. Players can play against each other in Ranked Match, 1v1 Hero Battlefield, 1v1 Warm-up, 2v2 Ultra Rapid Fire, and 3v3 Fort Battle.


Of course, the reimagined Contra game wouldn’t be complete without the multiplayer feature in the story mode. You can team up with a friend and clear all the story stages together and earn rewards at the same time. The storyline of the game hasn’t changed, You play as Contra task force members who must help fight back against the forces behind an alien invasion on Earth.

Contra Returns Launch Trailer

Download Contra Returns for Android and iOS.


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