OnePlus Partners With Google To Create Video Game: Play And Win $30000

When it comes to presenting high-end respectable devices at an affordable rate, OnePlus is one of those manufacturers that makes this possible. While the Chinese tech giant will be having a very busy autumn due, to the presentation of its next flagship device, the OnePlus 6T. OnePlus partners with the search giant to introduce Crackables, a new puzzle game where Android fans can play for a whopping price of $30,000.

Crackables: Play This New Game To Win $30000

Crackables is a puzzle game developed by Sleep Deprivaion Lab in partnership with the search giant Google. the game consists of a series of puzzles which will require skill and completion speed to be solved.

However, the Chinese tech giant has laid emphasis that OnePlus smartphones will be the ideal platform for playing this video game. But that doesn’t mean you can’t play on another device.

The first 1000 players to successfully complete the first 3 challenges will qualify to continue the experience.

Furthermore, qualified players will be sent a microcontroller (the company did not disclose what it is), but this will be an aid for players to go on in the game and win the final prize.

Cracakables is a web-based game and can only be played on a smartphone if you try visiting the website link below with your PC, you’ll get a message on your screen that “Sorry, this is a mobile-only experience.”

Teaser Trailer Of The Game

If you wish to participate in this game, click here and stand a chance to win the $30000 grand prize.

Note: There will be other prizes for other players, however, the Chinese manufacturer did not specify. The game is of a limited period and it already started yesterday.

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