Crucial Features to Look for in Your Advanced Pattern Recognition Solution

A pattern recognition software is a predictive tool to help diagnose your system operations. Using machine-learning algorithms, you can recognize potential threats, possible faults, and the health status of your machines.

For a long time, organizations have a de facto head maintenance guy whose sole responsibility is to make sure that all the wheels are turning and gears are greased. In a large manufacturing plant, stopping production for just an hour will result in millions of potential losses.

But it does not matter how proficient they are at their job, but there is no way to predict how machines behave. So, they waste a lot of time doing routine inspection and maintenance work to extend the lifespan of each equipment.

It is not merely about their skill. To make an accurate prediction, you need voluminous data and pore through them one by one. And it brings us to the advanced pattern recognition solution, which eliminates the need for manual inspection.

Software solutions such as pattern recognition are not new. The software industry is continually coming up with innovations to make people’s lives easier.

According to data, the infrastructure software market was valued at $230.61 billion in 2017. Of the total, the US is the largest consumer, accounting for about $50 billion of the sales. Overall, the entire software industry is projected to grow to $507 billion by 2021 from $456.1 billion in 2018.

However, if you are searching for an advanced pattern recognition solution, here are some critical features you should consider:

1. Health Index — The functionality will study real-time data and the expected outcomes. The difference between the actual and the projected would represent your health index. It will look at the specific equipment, signals, and systems that you select. With a rating of 0 to 100%, the company can have an insight into the health status of the equipment.

2. Model Builder — You can build a predictive model using a machine-learning algorithm based on historical data, specifically the normal operation data which helps you achieve optimal conditions for your systems.

4. Early Warnings — The advanced pattern recognition solution should be able to alert you of potential mishaps and faults way before they occur. The software will comb through the entire system to detect possible abnormalities. In effect, you can reduce the costs, especially if you detect equipment failure early on. The lead time will allow you to create a plan to prevent a major breakdown. Typically, the software has three systems of warning: priority 3, priority 2, priority 1, graduating from the level of threat. But the software must also have the ability to be customized according to the user’s needs.

5. Success Tree — With this feature, you can realign your resources to focus on the priority needs. The Success Tree provides a hierarchical model, taking into account all sensors, systems, signals, and subsystems. Each one will have a corresponding health index, showing in a logic tree pattern. The results will be presented in a visual format, which makes it easier for users to identify the hotspots at one glance.

Those are some of the mission-critical features that you should insist on if you are searching for pattern recognition software. Of course, the technology should not be limited to these capabilities.

This is a guest post written by Sarah Willaims for Techzbyte.

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