This Custom Build iPhone 11 Pro Cost $15,000, Almost 6 Million Naira

How about starting a new month with a smartphone worth $15,860? Sound crazy right? Well, for some of us, Luxury is another way of life.

Apple product as we all know, doesn’t come with the word cheap, add a touch of luxury and you’ll get exorbitant prices.

Talk about exorbitant prices, a Russian firm Caviar has just produced a custom made iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max which design was inspired by automobile made by popular American automobile company Tesla, the Cybertruck.

Cyberphone - iPhone 11 Pro
Cyberphone – iPhone Cybertruck

The Tesla Cybertruck inspired iPhone 11 Pro is called the Cyberphone. While the iPhone 11 Pro maintains it’s original design and software, the exterior of the Cyberphone is made out of titanium.

If left to me, I’d call the custom build iPhone 11 Pro an Amor phone, because that’s what it looks like. The screen is covered by a titanium plate, which can flip down and around to the back to form a kickstand for the phone

Cyberphone - iPhone 11 Pro
Cyberphone – iPhone Cybertruck

When you Flip it back up and you have excellent protection for the screen. Sounds like an iPhone 11 Pro with an Amor body to me.

The all-new Caviar Cyberphone will come with a premium leather case with the company’s name printed on it. I guess that’s like extra protection for the phone.

Caviar will only produce 100 unit of the Cyberphone and surprisingly, there are only 24 unit of the Cyberphone left according to their websites data.

So, If you have some cash to throw away this Feb, rush now and get yourself a Cyberphone.

Here’s a quick video of the iPhone Cybertruck phone.

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