Dark Mode now Rolling Out to Facebook Lite App Globally

We all have been expecting the dark mode feature on Facebook for some time now, it is one of the most anticipated features coming to Facebook. This feature was recently rolled out to WhatsApp beta users and now, Facebook has started rolling out dark mode for the Lite version of its app, yes, Facebook Lite.

Dark mode has been one of the most hyped features in recent developments, we can not talk about websites, mobile apps, and even OS without mentioning dark mode these days. While it may sound over exaggerated, dark mode actually comes with some health benefits.

Back in 2018, Google itself recommended that app develops should adopt dark mode has it will help reduce power consumption on smartphones while offering other health benefits like reducing eye strain.

Those already using Dark Mode feature will at least notice how effective it is at night.

Facebook has now decided to roll out Dark mode to Facebook lite users globally, this also means we will be seeing the feature in the parent app soon.

If you’re using Facebook Lite app and you’re not using the dark mode feature, follow the steps below to activate it.

How to Activate Facebook Lite Dark Mode

Facebook Lite Dark Mode
Facebook Lite Dark Mode

To get dark mode working on your Facebook Lite app;

  • Click on the hamburger menu in the top bar
  • Scroll down until you see the Dark Mode toggle right below the Settings option.
  • Tap/Flip it on, and the app will switch to a grey UI that uniformly covers all app sections like WhatsApp dark mode.

Like I said earlier, Dark Mode will be rolling out globally to all Facebook app users, but, we still aren’t sure when but with this new development, we’re guessing dark mode will reach Facebook app in few weeks.

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