Test Reveals Dark Mode Can Extend Battery Life On OLED Displays

At the Android Dev Submit 2018, the search giant Google explained how dark mode can saves up huge chunks of battery life displaying how a Pixel’s (2016 model) normal high brightness mode affects the battery, in comparison to the device during “Dark Mode”. A new test video has testified to this fact using the dark mode feature in iPhone on the iOS 13.

With Android 10. Google rolled out a system wide dark mode feature for fans the same way Apple did with iOS 13. A system wide dark mode simply means, enabling dark mode across the device user interface, if you’re wondering what it means.

Does Dark Mode Save Battery Life?

According to a recent video posted by YouTube channel PhoneBuff, a test carried out on the iPhone XS with dark mode activated and compared with the normal light mode and without no surprises, the dark mode feature proved to have saved more battery life as compared to its normal light mode.

So, how was the test conducted?

The test was performed on two iPhone XS models: one with light mode and the other with dark mode activated.

With the help of robotics devices, similar tasks were performed on both devices. The tasks included messaging for almost two hours, scrolling through Twitter (for two hours), two hours of YouTubing followed by using Google maps for another two hours

Here’s the video for a better understanding:

In all the scenes, the iPhone XS with light mode enabled drained faster before the completion of two hours, while the iPhone XS with dark mode saved battery and lasted longer.

At the end of the test, the iPhone XS in dark mode emerged winner satisfying to the fact that dark mode will give you more juice.

While the dark mode have proven to have benefits, it’s goes without saying that it’s benefits OLED display device. So whether you’re you’re iOS 13 or Android 10 with dark mode, you’ll get a good battery using Dark mode.

What about LCD displays

Dark mode doesn’t really help battery life on LCD displays with OLED displays rather it helps you reduce eye strain whensomading and help you read better.

Generally dark mode benefits both OLED and LCD screen, but it terms of power, it favours OLED screens.

Are you using Dark mode? Which device and which OS?

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