DotOS Supreme Nougat Custom ROM For Tecno Y2 – MT6572

DotOS Nougat custom rom for Tecno Y2 with MediaTek MT6572, Android 4.4.2 kitkat. DotOS is highly optimised and with properly designed UI Custom ROM. DotOS Custom ROM for Tecno Y2 provides high performance without making the ROM ugly or by cluttering it with junk. The ROM is lightweight and has a very good battery management. #DroidOnTime #AlignTheDots

Disclaimer: This ROM is meant for Tecno Y2 2016 edition. Backup all important data on your device before flashing the any ROM you find on this site. This site or author will not be held responsible if you end up with a damaged device. Flash ROM at you own risk.

Whats New?

-Added performance tweaks(Rom speedy)
-Improved battery backup
-Fixed bluetooth for my device
-Added new messaging app
-Added Camera with video support(footeg)
-Added 1gb swap ram(Samad Segmane script)
-No need patch(Rom already patched)
-Fixed sdcard fstab issues in boot


DotOS Nougat custom rom for Tecno Y2 features all stock Nougat features and some customization options to give your device a great look and experience. The features include;

  • Stability and Performance
  • Lagfree with High-Performance Results
  • Clutterless UI
  • Perfect Interface for every User
  • Enhanced default apps
  • Redesigned settings and QS panel
  • Full OMS support
  • Colour Engine Support

dotOS Extras

Clock Customisation
Battery Customisation
Quick Settings
Quick Pulldown
QS Tiles Customisation
Advanced Quick Setting Easy Toggles

Volume Key Cursor Control

Wake on Plug
Pocket Detection
Accidental Touch

Fingerprint Tweaks
Power menu Tweaks
Double tap 2 sleep anywhere
Lockscreen Media Customisation
Blur Screen Lockscreen

Clear all Button
Immersive Recents
Show Memory Bar

Navigation Bar:
On-screen navigation Bar tweaks
Home Button tweaks
Menu Button tweaks
Back Button tweaks
Power Button tweaks
Volume Buttons tweaks

Advanced Reboot
Disable Force Close
ScreenShot Tweaks
Camera Shutter Sound

dotOS Screenshots

Dotos custom ROM for tecno y2
Dotos custom ROM for tecno y2

Dotos custom ROM for tecno y2

Device Information

ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.67
Based On: LineageOS
Version Information
Status: Stable
dotOS version: 1.2

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How to Flash dotOS Custom ROM F or Tecno Y2

  1. Download dotOS custom rom for Tecno Y2 from the given link below.
  2. Copy downloaded rom to the root of your SD card.
  3. Power off your device and boot into TWRP recovery mode.
  4. In TWRP recovery, goto the wipe section and tap advance
  5. Tick the following: Dalvick art/cache, cache, data and system.
  6. Now, wipe the selected partitions.
  7. Return to TWRP main menu and select install.
  8. Select the storage which you have copied the downloaded rom to.
  9. Locate the rom zip file and tap to select.
  10. Follow the on-screen instruction to proceed with the flashing.
  11. If your device does not support init.d, then download and flash init.d enabler and flash.

That’s it, once installation is complete, reboot your device and it should boot into dotOS Custom rom. First boot takes 5-10minutes, so don’t panic.

DotOS Custom ROM for Tecno Y2 Download Links

dotOS Credits

dotOS team
LineageOS team
SaMad SegMane (for build Rom and patch)
Manjunath Yashu
Rock Bhaskar RB
Melek Saidani
Aditya K
Tribet men
Swapnil S
Sourav Charaborty
Samuel Osas (for port,mods and bug fixes for Tecno Y2)
All devs behind this Rom.
  1. The logo opening of the phone is inconsistent with the phone also there are other inconsistent things please also fix the sound too high

  2. Dear Sir, Iam From Bangladesh. I Want Tecno In3 handset’s Custom recovery & Custom rom.
    Please sir help me.

  3. Please, Google is fast upgrading there version and my phone is still on kikat.
    please is there any custom Rom that can upgrade my phone.

    Device info
    Tecno Y6
    MT6572 Kernel 3.4.67

  4. اهلا انا عندي مشكله وهي انني حاولت عمل تثبيت الروم أو عمل فلاش للروم ولم ينجح

    • لدى Y2 ​​نسختين من kernel ، وهما kitkat 4.4.2 و 4.4.4 kitkat. من فضلك لا إذا كان النواة هو 4.4.4 نواة kitkat ، فإن ROM لن يعمل على جهازك. ومع ذلك ، إذا كان الجهاز الخاص بك هو 4.4.2 kitkat ، فربما تكون قد تومض القرص المضغوط بشكل خاطئ.

      اتبع الخطوات التالية.
      1. التمهيد في وضع الاسترداد
      2. في استرداد TWRP ، اذهب إلى الأمام
      3. مسح البيانات ، ذاكرة التخزين المؤقت ، ذاكرة التخزين المؤقت dalvik والنظام
      4. العودة إلى القائمة الرئيسية وتثبيت ROM.

      اسمحوا لي أن أعرف ما إذا كان يساعدك.

  5. اهلا .المشكله هي انني حاولت تثبيت الروم dotos ولكن لم ينجح وايضا قد حاولت تثبيت الروم AEX Super mod ولكن لم ينجح وايضا حاولت تثبيت الروم AEX الاخر وقد نجح التثبيت وعندما ولكن الهاتف يعطيني شعار جوجل وانتظرت يوما كاملا ولكن الروم والهاتف لا يفتح ….مع العلم اصدار Kernel الخاص بي هو KitKat 4.4.2 وارجو المساعده .وشكرا

    • لست متأكدًا تمامًا من سبب مواجهتك لهذه المشكلات التي تومضها على أجهزتك ، إذا اتبعت الخطوات المذكورة في القائمة ، فيجب أن يعمل كل شيء على ما يرام … ما هو التحويل من استرداد TWRP الذي تستخدمه

  6. All the tecno y2 custom roms i have downloaded from you dosnt work. It always shows error. i have downloaded up to 5 roms for tecno y2 from you

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