Are You A Tecno Camon 12 User? Get 10GB Free Data Now

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Have you ever wondered if it was possible to surf the internet without a SIM or WI-FI? Well, I didn’t think that was possible too until i came across Simo app. Many of you probably haven’t heard of the Simo app, I only just discovered it recently too, lol.

Simo app gives smartphone users 10GB of free data and interestingly the app doesn’t require that you have a SIM or a WI-FI network for t to work. Amazing isn’t it?

Just before we dive into how Simo app works and how to get your free data, lets quickly see what Simo itself is.

What is Simo?

SIMO is a virtual e-sim compatible app that offers your Android phone local and global internet service. This simply means Simo offers access to the internet and you don’t need a SIM card or a WIFI tto get conected.

Just by installing Simo app on your smartphone, you can connect to the internet and surf endlessly. You can connect to the Internet in over 130 countries & regions without a SIM card.

Earlier in June, Skyroam SIMO Partnered with SMILE to provide improved mobile data services for millions of Africans struggling today with expensive Internet prices that keep them out of the market entirely.

So, why should you try Simo app?

Simo gives you a whooping 10GB of Free Data as a trial for 30 Days. While this may sound really good, the app seems to be only compatible with newly launched smartphones in 2019.


The story just got boring right?

Simo app comes pre-installed on the newly launched Tecno Camon 12 and 12 Pro. But the good news is, it’s not limited to Nigerians alone, it covers over 130 countries but African and International.

Let’s get to the features of Simo.

Features of SIMO

  • No SIM Required – no buying, swapping, or unlocking. Works with or without SIMs in your smartphone.
  • No mobile carrier required – No more being tied down to one carrier network. Pay as you go. No contracts, no paperwork, no limits.
  • No WiFi required.
  • Free Roaming
  • Free Data – You get a whooping free global 10GB Data to use for 30 days.

How to begin?

  1. First off, download the SIMO app here
  2. Enable your phone Wi-Fi connection
  3. Launch the SIMO app on your supported phone like the Tecno Camon 12 series.
  4. Now, sign up using your email address, social profile or phone number.
  5. After successful login, turn off your wifi and click the ‘Connect’ button on the SIMO homepage to get your phone connected with a local network.

Note: SIMO is working hard to make sure more smartphones are supported. So, if your smartphone is not yet supported, you’re not completely out of luck.

Supported Smartphones

Tecno Camon 12 series, Bluboo 3, Wiko etc. Infinix? I don’t see them on the list but may be joining the list soon.

For more details on Simo supported smartphones, you can check the company’s official website

If you own a Tecno Camon 12 device, try this and let us know if it works on your device.


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