Etisalat Nigeria To Be Called 9mobile?

Etisalat Nigeria To Be Called 9mobile?
Etisalat Nigeria To Be Called 9mobile?

A few days ago we had reports that Etisalat would be exiting Nigeria due to some crisis which we already covered in our previous post, where some banks of consortium wants to take over Nigeria before CBN stepped in to resolve this issue, even though the signs of a positive outcome isn’t apparent and the worst has happened anyways. 

Reports has it that Etisalat Nigeria will now be known as 9mobile, after Etisalat International withdrew from the country. Although the claims are alleged as ‘9mobile’ has not been unveiled or made public by the management. 

Olusanya who was appointed as the chief executive officer of Etisalat Nigeria to oversee the transition of the company due to his experience in the smooth transition of Celtel to Airtel may have come with this new name considering the need for a change of name.

Now, if this change takes place, we’re hoping for better and affordable 9mobile. No doubt Etisalat Nigeria offers great deals to their subscribers but data wise, they ain’t so friendly. I personally want to see that changed.

There is still a lot to be confirmed, subscribe for more updates. 

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