Facebook Is Getting A Revamp Design: See How It Looks

At Facebook’s annual F8 Developer Conference, the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg have announced a series of of changes coming to Facebook and also will be addressing privacy issues on the platform as the CEO has said in the event keynote “The future is private”.

According to Facebook, the redesign “FB5” is one of the biggest changes to the platform in the last 5 years. The new design has a adopted an immersive view mode, a more lighter design, and reduced load time. FB5 will also introduce a redesigned Facebook logo, the new Facebook logo will arrive in a circular with a lighter blue color.

The company said the group section in particular will receive much attention in order to provide a more private experience on the platform. There’s a redesigned Groups tab which now allows users to easily find contents from participating groups, along with a new discovery tool for recommendations for new groups. Users will receive will be able to see group new contents in the News Feed, and will also be able to share News Feeds directly with groups. 

FB5 will introduce Dark Mode feature to Facebook, this feature will help reduce eye strain and giving a better view of the social network at night or in a dark room. The dark mode feature will be exclusive to Facebook watch for Android version for now and will be widely adopted across the platform in feature updates.

What the new design looks like:

This update is already rolling out for Android users and will be getting to the web version in coming months. Facebook also announced a few new feature on Instagram which includes, create mode, buying from creator and a donate button.

Messenger will also get a new look on the friends tab, a watch together feature which will let you watch a video with friends the same time.

You can find detailed on all the new features and changes coming the the social platform here.

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