Facebook Launched Vanish Mode On Messenger And Instagram: Here’s How It Works

A few days ago, Facebook launched the disappearing message feature on WhatsApp, it has now launched a similar feature on its Messenger and Instagram app called Vanish Mode. Unlike the disappearing message feature, Facebook vanish mode allows users to set chats to delete automatically once the recipient has seen it or immediately after closing a chat screen.

When using Vanish mode, messages sent by mistake will not be hidden, however, it will come handy when you don’t want your chat to be forwarded or discussed forever. Users can send pictures, memes, GIFs, emojis, voice notes and every other supported extension in a chat which will later disappear when seen by the other user or when you leave the chat.

When Vanish mode is enabled, if someone takes a screenshot of your chat, you’ll be notified immediately and it also gives you the option to block someone or report a conversation whenever you feel unsafe. Also, this feature can only be used by people you’re connected to and comes with some privacy features as well.

The feature is currently available to users in the US and is gradually rolling out to all Messenger and Instagram users in other countries.

How to enable Vanishing Mode in Messenger?

Facebook Vanish Mode
Facebook Vanish Mode

You need to be running the latest version of the Messenger App to use this feature. Once you’ve updated your app, you’ll see a new notice in your chat to swipe up and enable the feature. Swipe up and the Vanishing mode will be activated. And if you want to turn it off, you only need to tap on the “Turn Off Vanish Mode” button at the top of the screen.

The Vanish mode feature can as well be used in group chats but only admins will have control over it just like WhatsApp disappearing messages. What do you think of this new feature? share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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