You Can Now Lock Facebook Messenger App With The New ‘App Lock’ Feature

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After adding the fingerprint lock feature to WhatsApp, Facebook has now extended the feature to its Messenger app, calls it “App Lock.” The new privacy feature is currently will add an extra layer of security when opening Messenger on an iPhone or iPad.

Just like the WhatsApp fingerprint lock, one app lock is activated, users will require Face ID or Touch ID for iPhone and iPad users. The app will be locked upon or shortly after closing, requiring users to use an authentication method like Face ID or Touch ID to open it back up.

This means you can now worry less of people trying going through your messages behind your back. The feature is one of the few changes coming to Messenger intended to improve privacy and security on the platform.

The app is also adding a Privacy section to the app’s settings, giving users a single location to control features like App Lock and what users they’ve blocked.


Facebook hopes that the new will let users feel more secure and comfortable when letting someone else borrow their phone. Facebook also said that the user’s fingerprint or face data is “not transmitted to or stored by Facebook.”

How to Enable Facebook Messenger App Lock

To enable the App Lock feature you need to be running the latest Facebook Messenger App. If you have it installed already, follow the steps below to activate:

  1. Launch the Messenger app on your device.
  2. Tap on your image to navigate to the settings page.
  3. In your profile menu, scroll down to find the new “Privacy” section.
  4. Activate App Lock in the privacy page and viola.

The App Lock feature is currently available to iOS users only and expected to reach the Android platform in “the next few months.” Facebook also launched a screen sharing feature in the Messenger app a few days ago and we’re expected dark mode to roll out for Facebook mobile app too soon.


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