Facebook Messenger Dark Mode Rolls Out For Everyone

At Facebooks F8 Developer conference last year, the company announced a number of changes and improvement coming to its Messenger app. The Dark mode feature had also been teased and a lot of users has been looking forward to this particular feature which is yet to be rolled out officially. Although the Dark Mode for Messenger is already in development and we might see it official update in few weeks time.

Just last month if am not mistaken, a Reddit user shared a simple trick to enable dark mode in the Messenger app but was only working for those on the beta version of Messenger. The feature official rolled out last month but could only be activated by sending a crescent moon emoji to any of your contact.

It’s not surprising that app development companies are now adding the Dark Mode option in their apps. According to research, using Dark Mode not only reduces blue lights from your smartphone’s screen, but it also helps to save your battery. Google also recommends these features and as rumors have it, the Dark Mode feature will be part of the Android Q UI options.

The Messenger app recently got a UI transformation as part of the features Facebook has promised and now users will also be getting a new Dark Mode feature.

Now, the Messenger dark mode feature has rolled out for everyone and can be activated in a more traditional channel.

messenger dark mode
Facebook Messenger Dark Mode

How to enable Dark Mode on Facebooks’s Messenger?

  1. Open the Facebook Messenger App on iOS or Android.
  2. tap on your image to launch the profile settings
  3. Now, you’ll find the Dark mode toggle
  4. Simply tap on it to activate dark mode and that’s it

Make sure you’re running the latest version of Facebook Messenger.

Next, we’re expecting to welcome the Dark Mode feature on WhatsApp and probably Facebook app and Instagram in coming months, however, there’s no news regarding this two.

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  1. Great info sir the dark mode helps especially in power saving and reduces light intensity which without dark mode would cause vision problems

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