Facebook Messenger Lite Adds Video Chat Feature In Latest Updates

Facebook has added the video chat feature to its lite version Facebook messenger app. When you download the latest update of the Facebook messenger lite, you will discover a video chat feature has been added. The WhatsApp owners have made a very good addition. Adding quality to an app that is considered inferior because it carries fewer features compared to the standard version.

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Messenger Lite Was Developed To Reduce The Workload On Your Smartphone

This version of the Facebook messenger was developed for regions that don’t have super-fast internet. It is very good for users who want to run Facebook Messenger on their low-end devices as well. Facebook messenger lite doesn’t require nor consume much data to run properly and that serves its primary purpose.

Even More, Reason To Ditch The Standard Version

In my previous post where I did a little comparison between the standard version of Facebook messenger and the Facebook messenger lite. I highlighted the absence of video calls as one of the downsides of the app. But now it has almost everything any Facebook user might want to chat with. This should give you even more reasons to switch.

Using the lite version gives your devices more free memory to handle multitasking more efficiently. Many developers are already adopting the system of lite apps for low-end devices, which is cool.

I think it’s high time you downloaded the Facebook messenger lite app here considering the fact that it is a ‘small size, big package’ kinda app. It is about 10 times smaller than the standard version messenger, just about 30MB after installation. Comparing that to about 250MB of the other. It also can’t cause your phone to lag in performance nor can it cause screen overlay issues.

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