Latest Facebook Messenger Brings Screen Sharing Feature to Mobile

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Screen sharing is not a new feature for most PC users, however, it may be entirely new to many smartphone users. There are many screen sharing/remote desktop softwares for PC that allows users to see what the other person is doing on his/her computer screen and also share files just by copying from the other person’s screen and pasting it on yours. This saves you the stress of having to go find each other in person and transfer files or put each through some how to’s.

While this is a common thing on PCs, we don’t have many apps on mobile that allows this screen sharing features. I have used Teamvewier once on my smartphone, but I could only remotely control my PC and not another phone. This screen sharing feature has been available on Facebook Messenger desktop version for a while now and Facebook has decided to extend it development to the mobile segment.

At the moment, Facebook Messenger screen sharing for mobile is only available to beta testers, it is available to use in one-on-one video calls and group calls with up to 8 people or 16 people in Rooms. Facebook is also making screen sharing available in Rooms on the desktop.

Facebook Messenger screen sharing for mobile
Facebook Messenger

The Screen sharing feature in Facebook Messenger on mobile works the same way you’d expect on the PC. You simply need to swipe up in a call to bring up the “share your screen” option. Once you tap to use the feature, you’d get a couple of confirmations to make sure you really want to share what you’re doing on your screen with others. Once activated, you will be broadcasting a live view of your phone’s screen.


Unlike some screen sharing apps for PC with advanced features like file sharing and remote use of another PC, you only get to watch other peoples screen and there’s no option to share files or work on each other’s screen at the moment. The screen-sharing features can be useful in many ways like explaining “how-to” to each other or a group of people.

You could also watch a video together and many other great things. Facebook says the screen sharing feature will be rolling out globally in the latest version of Messenger for both Android and iOS.

What do you think of the new Facebook Messenger for mobile features? Tell us in the comment section below.


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