Facebook Shuts Down Instagram Lite, Prepares to Launch a New Version

Instagram Lite shuts down

Back in 2018, Facebook launched the Lite version of Instagram for selected countries to give low-end smartphone users access to Instagram and all its features without consuming much data and power. Now, Facebook is shutting down the app and asked that users turn to the standard app or use the mobile website.

The app first launched in Mexico around June 2018, before expanding to other regions at some points. It already garnered over a million downloads in the Google Play Store.

The app was removed from the Google Play Store early last month and the company said it will take what it had learned on the Lite Instagram app to relaunch a new version which doesn’t have a specific date yet.

We hope the new version gets to all countries like the Facebook lite app and messenger lite app after the relaunch as other companies have already moved to create Lite versions of the app for developing markets.

Since the Instagram Lite will longer be available for use, and we all know the main app can be power and data consuming, the mobile website would be the best place to go.

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