Samsung Faces Lawsuit After Galaxy Note 9 Catches Fire In Woman’s Purse

The South Korean tech giant faces lawsuit after its flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 9 device which is tagged the world most advanced smartphone reportedly caught fire in a woman’s purse.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Catches Fire

Two years ago, there were reported cases of Samsung devices exploding and even inflicted injuries on some of the victims.

At that time, the South Korean tech giant was forced to recall millions of devices which resulted in loads of lawsuits and massive financial loss. After an internal investigation, the company also arrived with an explanation as well. However, the Galaxy Note 9 is the first Samsung Phone to burst into flames after its global launch this year.

According to the victim, Diane Chung, a real estate woman who filed a lawsuit against the South Korean tech giant, her Galaxy Note 9 became “extremely hot” while she was in an elevator and burst into flames inside her purse, only a month ago, reports New York Post.

Chung says she noticed smoke coming out of her bag a few moment she finished using her smartphone and put in her bag while she was alone inside an elevator. Chung kept her purse down and tried to remove the device while burning her fingers in the process.

She stopped the elevator after this and kicked the device out. Then a Samaritan got the flames extinguished with a bucket of water.

Moreover, before the launch of Galaxy Note 9, Samsung CEO Koj Dong Jin said, “The battery in the Galaxy Note 9 is safer than ever. Users do not have to worry about the batteries anymore.” (I guess the Galaxy Note explains that!)

Just in case you don’t know, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 device comes with a price tag of roughly $1,000 and it features remarkable specs.

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