Game Of Thrones Zombie: Daily Themed Crossword Answer

If you are looking for the answer to the Game of Thrones Zombie clue from the daily themed crossword puzzle, then you have come to the right place! The Game of Thrones zombie crossword clue will help you complete the puzzle so that you can continue with the next. If you are stuck and looking for help, this is the right place because we have just posted the answer below.

Daily Themed Crossword Game of Thrones zombie

Crossword games might not be the most exciting game type out there, but they give you a great way to exercise your brain while still having fun. The Daily Themed Crossword can sometimes be a bit frustrating when you can’t find the answer to a puzzle, so we have come up with the Zombie clue from Game of Thrones for you.

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Game Of Thrones Zombie Answer

The answer is WIGHT.

What Are Wights?

Wights are the reanimated corpses of humans or animals brought back to life by the White Walkers. They are mindless slaves that obey the commands of their masters and are used as soldiers in their army. Wights are very strong and fast but also very vulnerable to fire.

What Are White Walkers?

The White Walkers are a race of sentient undead creatures from the Far North of Westeros. They are also known as “The Others” and “The First Men”. The Children of the forest created the White Walkers during the War for the Dawn to defend themselves against the armies of men.

White Walkers are also much more intelligent and savvy than wights. They can communicate with each other and even seem to have a leader, whereas wights are mindless creatures that can only follow orders. White Walkers also have unique weapons and abilities, whereas wights use whatever weapon they can find.

Finally, White Walkers are motivated by a desire to kill all living things, whereas wights only kill because they’re ordered to by their masters. This difference makes White Walkers a threat: they’re not just mindless killers but intelligent beings with a purpose.

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