Glo Cloud — Globacom Launches New Cloud Storage

Glo Cloud
Glo Cloud Storage

The grandmaster of data Glo has unveiled new cloud storage for all its prepaid and postpaid subscribers, Glo Cloud. This is similar to Google Drive and iCloud, Mega and every other cloud storage you can think of.

Like every other cloud storage, Glo Cloud offers a personal and business/family solution for customers to easily back up their digital life or activities including photos, videos, music, and documents.

While other popular cloud storage offers a free account with a limited size like Google drive gives users free 15GB of cloud space, Mega gives users 50GB free cloud space and many other, Glo Cloud comes with a subscription.

Before we get into the Glo Cloud subscriptions, let’s see what benefits the new cloud storage contains.

With Glo cloud subscribers can safely and privately store, back up automatically, retrieve and share their digital content from their cloud account. The cloud storage also comes with a photo editor which includes stickers, effects, filters to decorate photos and maintains original resolution.

To use the new cloud storage, customers will have to register with there phone numbers, you can either access the cloud storage through the official website or download the cloud app for Android or iOS.

Features of Glo Cloud Storage

  • Automatic backup
  • Original photos resolution
  • Free up mobile storage
  • Unlimited devices
  • Smart automatic albums, picture of the day
  • Search photos by name, location, favourites
  • Share via links, SMS, email and preferred social apps
  • Family private space
  • Collaborative albums
  • Contacts backup
  • Photo editor: stickers, effects, filters
  • Play and share photo montages with music and effects
  • Search and auto-grouping of photos by subject and by people
  • Virus protection
  • Video optimization for all devices

Note: Users do not get all these features as they vary in the subscription.

Glo Cloud Subscription Packages

Glo offers 50G of cloud storage for N250 per month, 2 Terabyte storage for N990 per month, and unlimited cloud storage for N1,990 per month. If you have a personal business that needs to save files and document with every worrying over limited space, you should go for Glo Cloud.

The subscription fee for Cloud service will be charged from customer’s available airtime balance, while regular data charges apply for using the internet to upload and download the content.

My Opinion

The new Cloud storage from Glo offers the cheapest cloud solution that I have seen so far and it will make a whole lot more sense if Glo considered making this service available for everyone regardless of the network. The subscription, of course, should be the same for all users but if the company decides to add a token for non-Glo subscribers, I think it’ll still be accepted regardless.

However, it’ll be interesting to see Glo cloud available for everyone on neutral grounds.

What do you think?

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