Google Announces Android Support For Foldable Smartphones

Maybe you have had your doubts about the foldable smartphones. You might have said they won’t stand the test of time, they would have too many shortcomings, and so forth. I am glad to announce to you that Google is set to provide support. Foldable smartphones will come and shine like sliders and flip devices in the past, hate it or love it.

At the Annual Android developer summit which kicked off 2days ago, Google announced it’s support for foldable smartphones. Announcements like this will instill confidence in the minds of potential buyers.

After the long wait, the demo upon demos of foldable phones we use to see has transformed into reality. And against all odds, it was a Chinese OEM that shook the whole world with the first foldable smartphone. Royale, the makers of Flexipai ( world’s first foldable phone) has gained a lot of credits and popularity but might not have had enough software support. No extra support from Android could just be the undoing of this phone.

As a foldable device, the display should be either extended ( full tablet size ) or divided ( Android size ) depending on if the phone is folded or unfolded. This is what Google has promised other foldable devices and Flexipai might just have missed out.

Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Might Just Be The Best

It now appears that Samsung will be partnering to develop a foldable device. Samsung seems to have the device ready while Google also seems to be up to the task to deliver a software that will transform by size and adapt to the phone’s screen size when folded or unfolded. When folded this device will be small enough to fit your pocket. When unfolded, it would enlarge.

Hence, display size should differ just like when you are in ‘ auto rotate mode ‘ i.e switching portrait and landscape mode. This is what we are expecting from Google’s Android, for the ‘foldable’.

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