Google Assistant Can Now Read And Reply To Messages On WhatsApp, Telegram, And Slack

Popular AI assistant Google Assistant has recently received an interesting new update which introduces a feature that allows the AI assistant to read and automatically reply messages on some popular third-party apps. Before now, Google Assistant can read and reply to text messages and text received via Google hangout, now, however, the search giant has extended its support to some popular third-party apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and Slack.

It may not be known to some of us that Google Assistant can reply to text messages but the option has always been there and now, it has gotten a lot better. One of the reasons people may not have found this feature useful or not have been using it is because, since the arrival of social media, a lot of us has not been using the traditional text messages medium to communicate with one and other.

The new Google Assistant update will be very useful for people who get tired of typing and people who are unable to type while driving. Users have the option to either dictate or type the reply directly from Google Assistant app instead of opening the supported apps individually. This feature, however, has limited support for languages beyond English.

To use this new feature, users will need to enable notification access to the Google app to allow Google Assistant to read messages from supported apps. You can as well enable this option by telling Google Assistant to read your messages. Say OK Google “Read my Messages”, and it will prompt you to grant notification access to the Google app.

If you’re not already using the latest Google App, simply head over to Google Playstore and update your app to the latest version to start using the new feature.

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  1. Waooo i tried this features out, its realy amazing, i hope google assistance will upgrade sooner so that its can perform offline instructions without data been turned on

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