Google Calendar Makes It Easy To Take Notes In Meetings

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Android 12 is release date is in a week and a lot fans are excited about the new Material You design update and widgets. Ahead of the new OS release, Google Calendar has received an interesting update to its web version that will make it easier to take notes in scheduled meetings.

You will no longer have to worry about opening a Google document to take notes, as Calendar will simplify the process for you.

New Option To Take Notes From Google Calendar

Google Calendar has received many updates in recent times. The Google team has taken into account different scenarios to give users those features that facilitate a hybrid workspace model.

And on the other hand, it has also added some features that allow users to track the time they spend on meetings and recurring activities. A measure that many are grateful for when they work from home and “office” moments become endless.


And now it is adding a new feature that will make it easier to take notes from the interface of a scheduled event. A dynamic that works together with Google Documents. That is, you will no longer have to open Documents to start taking notes of your meeting, but Google Calendar will provide direct access.

Google Calendar Meeting Notes
Image: Google

As shown in the image, in the same card of the scheduled event or meeting, the user will find the option to “Create meeting notes”. And when he clicks on this shortcut, a document will open directly.

In this document the event information will be automatically added, so the user can quickly start taking notes. And when the document is saved, it will be added as an attachment to the meeting card, so you won’t waste time searching through your Documents files either.

Of course, this dynamic can be applied both before and during the meeting. For example, if you are scheduling the meeting and want to add questions that you would like to ask during the event, you can use this dynamic proposed by Calendar with a shortcut to Documents.


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