Google CEO Sundar Pichai Says Humanity Needs To Be Cautious Of AI

Just last week, I was chatting with a friend of mine via WhatsApp messenger, in the middle of our chat, he shared with me a picture which had two tech giant (Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk) on it with some words written beside these tech heads. Beside Elon Musk Artificial intelligence is a threat to humans in the long run” and Mark “Artificial Intelligence will boost the progress of humans in the long run“.

Google ceo

So, he asked me; which team I would support taking Elon as team A and Mark as team B. Without having a second thought I replied, team Elon of course.

Again he asked, why? without a doubt I replied, do you remember watching Terminator movie? AI is going to be an important advancement in technology but we could actually be creating our own “nemesis”. Obviously, I didn’t give it a deep thought before I gave such a reply.

Google ceo

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Says Humanity Needs To Be Cautious Of AI

On a Show hosted by MSNBC and Recode’s – Revolution: Google and YouTube Changing the World, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai was interviewed alongside YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki by Ari Melber from MSNBC and Kara Swisher from Recode.

Pichai stated:

“AI is one of the most important things that humanity is working on. It’s more profound than, I don’t know, electricity or fire” “Fire’s pretty good,” Swisher said. He continued, “But it kills people, too. They learn to harness fire for the benefits of humanity, but we have to overcome its downsides, too”.

Pichai visualized that AI will play a big role in important advancements in curing cancer. But he still acknowledges it’s fair to be worried about AI; it’s just a matter of finding a balance between its utility and what defines us, humans.

While AI has been used and still improving by the day, have we actually asked ourselves what future AI technology might turn. I’m not hoping to see a Terminator any sooner? but really like Pichai Said; we should be concerned about future AI’s.

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