Google Chrome for Android is getting a download scheduler

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Google Chrome is undoubtedly the most popular internet browser for desktop and mobile platforms. With every new update, the search giant tries to improve users experience on its Chrome browser while adding new features. Google Chrome may be the best Android browser but it doesn’t offer all the features you may be looking for in a browser which is why I use ADM (Android download manager) for my downloads. The next big feature that may be coming to the popular browser is a download scheduler.

Google is reportedly working on adding a “download later” feature to Chrome for Android. With this feature, you’ll be able to schedule downloads for the night if you’d prefer not to stress yourself by staying awake or schedule a download on Wi-Fi (download over a Wi-Fi if you have limited mobile data). The MTN improved nightlife plan would be perfect for this.

Interestingly, you can already activate this option in Chrome for Android using experimental chrome://flags. The flag will allow you to choose a time to download a file and save on your device even when you’re not there. Cool right? This option will also help in cases where you’re running low on internet data and you’re probably waiting to renew the next day or planning to use a free Wi-Fi to download.


Google Chrome download scheduler feature

The scheduler will work the same way as other browsers download scheduler or download managers works, however, it only offers a few download-related options. The Chrome download scheduler feature can only be used on the latest Chrome Canary for mobile, to enable and use this feature, you need to enable the “Enable Download Later” Chrome flag in the chrome://flags options.

At the moment, there is no official statement from Google as to when/whether the download scheduler feature will arrive on the stable version. In the past few months, Chrome has been spotted working on, plenty of nifty features such as the ability to define words with a single tap, a screenshot editor, bottom tab switcher, a switchover to 64-bit for Android 10 devices, biometric authentication for payments, throttling background JavaScript timers to improve battery life, streaming videos in low resolution in Lite mode, and more.

Although we don’t know if the standard Chrome browser for Android is ever going to get this feature, it is a great feature to have on Chrome but I still don’t trust Chrome that much for my downloads. I personally prefer to use a download manager app for Android, this is because download manager apps are able to download over poor networks while Chrome doesn’t seem to be cool with bad/slow networks.


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