Google Unveils Currents, a Perfect replacement for Google+

Following the exit of Google Plus, the search giant has now unveiled Currents, a new app for it G-Suite users. The new app will enable people to have meaningful discussions and interactions across your organization, helping keep everyone in the know and giving leaders the opportunity to connect with their employees.

The search giant says “Currents is a perfect replacement for Google+ and has a new look, feel, compared to Google+ and has been streamlined to make it easier and faster for users to tag their posts and add relevant images.

Currents is currently still in beta and Google says it G-Suite businesses can request access to join the program. To request access, you simply need to email [email protected].

Interestingly, the search giant also added that Google+ content will automatically be transfer to Currents once enrolled in beta.

Google currents screenshot

Just like Google+, Once a user posts, others can comment, give feedback, and ask questions all in the same place.

With Currents, leaders can engage with their employees more directly. Admins can shape the discussion in the organization by creating custom streams to promote specific content to a targeted set of employees or the entire company.

Admins can delegate content management responsibilities to a new role called Content Administrator and several other features. Read the complete blog here.

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