Google Launches Camera Go (GCAM) for Android Go Devices

This is GCAM for Android Go devices.

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Google Camera app also known as GCAM is undoubtedly the best camera app for Android device, it mainly comes pre-installed on Google pixel device, however, it can also be installed on other supported device via play store. Now, Google wants to help you take better picture on Android Go devices with its stripped down version of GCAM app called Camera Go..

Google introduced the Android Go following the release of Android Oreo, an optimized lightweight system from Google for entry-level phones.

Since the arrival of Android Go, we’ve seen Google introduce lite versions of some its most popular apps like YouTube, Google Photos, Google Assistant, Google app and more. The company has now decided to include a lite version of it popular camera app for Android Go devices.

Google understands that a lot of you love taking pictures even though you’re using a low-end device and will now give you a better camera experience with its newly launched Camera Go app.

Google Camera app as we know only works with Qualcomm devices but that narrative changed when Xiaomi introduced Redmi Note 8 Pro with MediaTek Helio G90T gaming Soc. It is the first and only MTK device to have GCAM port.


So, will Camera Go be available for all Android Go devices?

As of now, Camera Go is only available for Nokia 1.3. This smartphone comes with only 1GB of RAM and the processor is Qualcomm QM215.

Does this mean it will only support Qualcomm chip like the main app?

We can’t say for sure, but we hope not.

Google Camera Go will be replacing the default camera in upcoming Android Go smartphones. The camera app will come with Google assistant integration and several other features which will be adapted from the main app.


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