Google Partners With KaiOS to bring Youtube App and More To Smallphones

You will now see Youtube, Google Assistant, Map and some other Smartphone Apps on your Small phones, Isn’t that weird? Weird but Innovative. Google is always making the right moves, which leaves us wondering what the world of tech would look like without Google in the picture. Google has now Invested $22 Million in KaiOS to Bring ‘Android’ to Cheap Feature Phones.

Google Apps Will Appear On All Kinds Of Phones Soon Including Feature Phones

Around 83% of the world population runs on Google’s Android Operating System, that is virtually every phone user. Android has had so much influence that it is not only in every home, but at least 50% of the individuals in each home uses one. Even at that, the California based company is still pushing and willing to reach the 17% remaining.

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Google has now Invested $22 Million in KaiOS to Bring ‘Android’ to Cheap Feature Phones

It has now decided to approach featured phones by itself through KaiOS. The California-based firm has made a $22 million investment in KaiOS, a company that makes the operating system for feature-phone manufacturers like Nokia. As a part of the deal, the stripped-down feature phones will offer Google apps like Assistant, Maps, YouTube, and Google Search. Google has already developed Apps for KaiOS and with this move, whether you run a Smartphone Or a Featured phone, you will have access to Google’s own Apps.

A Feature phone is a mobile phone that incorporates features such as the ability to access the Internet and store and play music but lacks the advanced functionality of a smartphone. A very good example of a feature phone is the Nokia Asha Series and many other Nokia phones. They have internet but lack full functionality of a smartphone.

Kaios google on featured phones

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KaiOS is currently powering the feature phones manufactured by TCL, HMD Global, and Micromax. Google has already developed apps for KaiOS, so this new investment is seen as the tech giant’s way of ensuring its presence in the feature phone market without really developing and releasing hardware. Google is instead bringing its famous Android apps to KaiOS, including Google Maps, YouTube, Google Search and even its smart assistant, Google Assistant. At present, KaiOS phones are already more popular than iPhones in India while they are also moving faster globally.

There may come a time where smartphones become cheap and all over the place enough to phase out feature phones entirely, but looks like Google can’t wait right now.

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