Google Extends Dark Mode To PlayStore – See how to activate it here

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For most of us, the dark mode feature is only important in popular and frequently used chat apps, like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp among others. But Google wants to give you a new feel and experience by bringing the dark mode feature to PlayStore.

Google has already brought the dark mode feature on some of its app including Gmail, Google Apps, Messages to mention a few, but wasn’t available for PlayStore until now.

While most people don’t use the frequently use PlayStore, it’s worth pointing out that dark mode on the app store would be nice.


The search giant announced the availability of dark mode on PlayStore for all devices using its official Twitter Google Play account,

How to Activate Dark Mode on Google PlayStore

To activate the dark mode feature on Google PlayStore, simply;

  • go to the settings menu and you’ll find a new Theme section.
  • From there, you can toggle between the Light and Dark theme options or keep the System default one which matches your phone’s native theme.
  • But if you are using Android 10 already, you have to option to force light mode once you activate the dark mode team for play store.

That’s it.


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