Google Reveals Best Apps And Games On Play Store 2018

It’s December and as we all know, companies are beginning to commit to their Annual end of the practices. The likes of YouTube Rewind that shows the best videos of the year, Spotify reviews and of course Google app awards. Google app store contains thousands of apps and games and Google tries to keep it updated from time to time. Recently the search giant, of course, Google announced the best apps and games for the year 2018.

Google Play Store Best Apps And Games For 2018

A lot of apps has been released these past few years, from educational apps, to games, health and others. The funny thing I’ve come to discover about the Google apps awards is that, most of these apps that gets selected are apps most of you guys probably haven’t heard of and never used. But it’s good too, as it gives you the opportunity to try them out.

Amongst the apps, we have the well-known battle royale game, PUBG mobile which was voted as the best game of the year. Fornite would have made the list but it’s quiet obvious why. Also, Tik Tok formerly known as was voted as of the most interesting entertainment apps.

The tech giant Google has selected games in four different categories, and other categories include, best self-development, daily helper apps, hidden gem and best entertainment apps.

List of Play Store Best Apps And Games 2018

Most Competitive Games

Best Casual Games

Best Indie Games

Most Innovative Games

Most Entertaining Apps

Best Self-Improvement Apps

Best Daily Helper Apps

Best Hidden Gems

Not everyone will find the list of the Google’s Play Store best Apps and games 2018 interesting, however, the tech giant Google believes that all the apps and games on the list are really great. So, what do you think about these apps? Share your views with us in the comments.

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