Google Launches Google Station To Provide Free Internet For Nigerians

Google Targets 200 Locations - You Can Now Enjoy Free Internet Easily In Nigeria

Have you heard of Google station? If that’s a nay, you are reading the right piece right now especially if you are within Lagos and the 5 other states that would be a beneficiary of this programme Courtesy Google.

Google Station Free Wi-Fi Launches in Nigeria

Google has partnered with Nigerian Fibre cable network ’21st century’ to provide it’s public free Wi-Fi in Nigeria. This is in its effort to improve its presence in Africa, while the most populous city in Africa will be a good place to make an emphatic mark right away.

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This free Wireless network already launched this Thursday in Lagos. We hope that a lot of Nigerians can maximize this medium to the fullest as it will definitely shape up the country in many areas.

Are You One Of Those Thinking Why Always Lagos?

Are you outside Lagos and you are feeling like that there’s a bit of bias or preference for Lagos when programmes like this Arise. I hate to disappoint but this is how it will remain for a very long time according to my own study. The kind of buying and selling that happens in Lagos is second to none in Africa if I am not wrong.

Knowing fully well that Lagos ranks high in Africa for trade and commerce, Google has made the right move to help business and individuals as well by launching first in the Megacity.

The poor internet infrastructure is a major challenge for businesses operating in a country, which is Africa’s largest oil producer. Broadband services are either unreliable or unaffordable to many of Nigeria’s 190 million inhabitants. But this development will ease so many frustrations and maybe we are seeing ‘change’ already even though it is not directly from those who promised us to change.

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Who Are Winners In this Deal?

At the login portal, Google will place it’s ads as a medium to generate revenue. Google will take care of the profits together with their partners while the core details to that won’t be made public. It means a Win-Win situation for every party. The WiFi users (citizens) to the ISP partners, and even Google itself as it makes some sort of revenue and gains a wider reach. Its influence will extend across Africa and other developing countries.

This project would benefit the government too. Nigeria’s Vice President Yemi Osinbajo visited Google’s Silicon Valley headquarters this month to meet the company’s chief executive, Sundar Pichai. According to Reuters.

Nigeria makes the 5th Nation To Join The Google Station Project

This is not one of those made for Naija campaign. Google station is present in several other countries. For a fact, Nigeria is the fifth country to launch Google Station amongst India, Indonesia, Mexico and Thailand.

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“A lot of people who found data to be too expensive for them to use, are using it,” said Joshi. “In India, we have tens of millions of users, and close to a million in Mexico.” If you have this WiFi close to you, you should make this count.

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